should it be ok keep exotic animals

by: heather whatley

should we be able to keep wild animals

People keep exotic animals for commercial reasons and as pets. Most exotic animals — such as big cats, bears or apes — are in commercial, federally inspected facilities. These animals are born in captivity, and not "stolen" from the wild. Captive breeding eliminates the pressure on wild populations, and also serves as a backup in case the animals go extinct.

many proponents of wild animals feel that some species have a better chance of survival if they are accepted. It has been shown that the dart frog is facing a problem in the wilderness shrinks as its natural habitat. Therefore, if this animal is adopted, it will be a better chance of survival.

Exotic animals especially lions and tigers and bears oh my, can make exceptional guard animals, because think about it would you try to break into someone's house if they own a 300 lb bear or a jungle cat that is born knowing how to stalk and kill? No you wouldn't.

Just like dogs and cats, every type of animal can be tamed to a point. Every animal also has the risk of becoming mad and killing people, but we still keep them in the house. My sister was bitten in the neck by a dog, yet people still keep dogs.

You're not taking it straight from the wild; you would be a fool to do that. You get it when it is a young cub or pup or whatever, and if you have to bottle feed it still, then good. It's called a bond between nature and man. You take care of it like you're suppose to, and in the way that the animal itself approves of, and then you have nothing to worry about. Where do you think dogs and cats originate from? EXOTIC ANIMALS. If you can teach a dog to sit and speak, then why not a tiger? Last I checked, all animals have a mind and can learn just as much has humans can as long as they are taught.

There are a number of exotic animals that can make interesting and educational pets. But safety should be a priority over entertainment, and so only those exotic animals that can easily be kept in a house without endangering other people should be allowed. In the case of an exceedingly rare animal, perhaps a license would be required.