Gratz Brown News

December 1, 2017

From the Principal's Desk

The chill is in the air... finally. :) I can say that we are needing our students to wear their winter coats for our outside recess time, as you see that the temperatures are cooling down. It took us a few warm days this week, but today we finally are seeing some true cooler weather. If your child has a need for a coat or any other winter apparel please let us know, and we can help assist in getting those items for your child.

Student ID's have been given to your student to swipe when they eat breakfast and lunch to make our lines more efficient in the morning. This time helps cut down on staff having to type in each child's name to pull up their food account and charge them. Your students do have to go to their classrooms first thing to grab their ID's to use for breakfast. We have done this to ensure that ID's are not lost or tampered with by others. This morning routine has been a change for our students, but we are seeing that they are adjusting and like having their ID's. If a student loses their ID this will not be replaced. Students will be looked up by staff as we have in the past to process their purchases for breakfast and lunch.

Scholastic Book Fair was a huge success this Fall. We want to thank our parents and volunteers for your support for this event. Our sales, that in return benefits our students, was an all time high for our building. We will host another Scholastic Book Fair in May, Buy One, GEt One Free.

Be sure to check our calendar of added fun days and events for student involvement this month before we leave for our holiday break. I also want to encourage you to come out and be a part of our Sing Around the Tree tradition at GBE on December 21st at 8:45 a.m. in the school square. Holiday Parties will follow after this tradition in classrooms. These will begin at approximately, 9:30 that day. We will end parties on the 21st at 10:30. Teachers will be reaching out to you as well if you are a parent volunteer to assist with the Holiday Party in December. If you are willing to help and have not been contacted, please email your child's teacher to make him or her aware.

We appreciate your investment in our students and time spent sharing their success and talents! Happy Holidays!!

Angie Doss

Gratz Brown Elementary Principal

Moberly Public Schools Mission Statement:

To ensure all students have a quality education and a sense of direction.

GBE's Vision Statement created by our Student Advisory Team and Staff:

GBE Students want to be a Champion in:

  1. Attitude

  2. Action

  3. Academics

GBE Partners in Education

El Vaquero Mexican Restaurant

Arts Appliances and Furniture

Central Bank of Moberly

Character Trait for December: Compassion

Welcoming a new face at GBE this Month

In December we will be welcoming a new staff member to our front office. Mrs. Brooke Klein will be joining us as our new Elementary Resource Coordinator for the District. She is taking over this position that was previously held by Mrs. Emily Seiner, who recently relocated. Moving forward we are excited to have Brooke as an addition to our staff. She comes with valuable background and experience for her role with us. Welcome Mrs. Klein!

Santa Store at GBE

Students will be allowed to go to our yearly Santa Store during their recess times, starting next week on December 4th to the 7th. Teachers will be sending students down at given times, and they will be allowed to shop for holiday gifts.

We have Mrs. Becky Mann, GBE Staff member, heading up this fundraiser again this year for our Relay for Life Team and Fundraising in the Spring. She along with several of our valued Parent Volunteers help make this happen each year!

Important Information and Reminder regarding Pick Up and Drop Off Routines

Please be aware that you will be receiving an email from Mr. Samuel, our Assistant Principal, regarding safety and car rider pick up/drop off. He and other staff have worked together to create the system that is in place at Gratz Brown, and ask that all using the car rider lanes adhere to required safety and driving standards expected. We ask that while you are in line you remain in the line and do not pass on the right side of the cars ahead of you to leave. While it may require you to wait, this violation of protocol puts students at risk of being hit and injured. To limit this occurrence in the future we are looking into placing cones in specific spots to give a visual that drivers are not allowed to enter the right side to exit.

We also ask that you limit your phone time and please pay attention to the cars and people around you. This is a serious issue when student safety is at a risk. These measures are in place to keep all students, staff and families safe while using the Car Rider lanes.

Other Resources and District Items:

Inclement Weather

When considering school cancellations, the safety of all students in the district is the first consideration. School district personnel drive bus routes to check local conditions firsthand. District personnel then hold conversations with the bus transportation company to gain their perspective. Again, safety is always our top priority. We also consider whether conditions will be changing throughout the day.

In the event of a school cancellation, notice will be provided as soon as a decision is made. Local radio and television stations will be notified, and a notice will be posted on the school district’s web page, Facebook, and Twitter (@MoberlyDistrict). Notification will be sent via TextCaster Spartan Alerts as well.

Early Dismissal: An early dismissal will be used when conditions are expected to get worse throughout the day. This option will be used sparingly and avoided whenever possible. If early dismissal becomes necessary, the district will announce and post dismissal times. The standard early dismissal schedule will be used when possible.

Late Start: A late start option will also be used sparingly and in cases in which conditions are expected to improve fairly quickly in the morning. If late start is utilized, the district will announce the length of the delay. For example, if there will be a 2 hour late start, you would add 2 hours to the typical school start time. In the example of a 2 hour late start, if your child has a 7:30 bus stop time, the new bus stop time would be 9:30. The standard late start schedule will be used when possible.

Spartan Alerts

Please sign up for Spartan Alerts to get texts and information about our school. Through this system text messages are sent directly to your phone, wireless PDA or pager!


Emergency Information

School Closings

Early Dismissal Times

School Event Reminders

Bus times running behind

Please check out our school website to sign up! It is located under Parent Tab!

Save the Date:

Feel free to detach the bottom portion of this newsletter to keep on the fridge as reminder to all of the events we have coming up this school year. Others will be added as the year progresses, but these are the events already set on the calendar at this time.


1st All Staff and Students Faux Fur Day for Fun at GBE!

5th Candy Cane Day (We'll treat ya'...wear red and white)

6th Long Winter's Nap Day at GBE- Wear your PJ's

11th 3rd Grade's Fine Arts Program in the evening at 6 pm

13th Reindeer Games Day- We will hand out red noses and have a "game time" during the day

18th Anti-Humbug Day- Write someone a Thank You Note in Class Today

19th Festive Sock Day- wear the craziest you can find that is filled with holiday cheer!

20th Elf Day- dress like one

20th Spirit Assembly in gym at 8:35

21st Festivus Sweater Day!

21st End of 2nd Quarter/1st Semester; Early Release today; 8:45 am Caroling around the GBE Tree in the School Square; 9:30 am Winter Holiday Parties at GBE

22nd to January 3rd No School for Christmas Break


4th Students return to school this day

12th Grade Cards and Star Parent Reports Go Home

15th No School Martin Luther King Jr. Day

24th Early Out Day for the District/ 1/2 day


2nd Mid Quarter

9th Progress Reports Go Home

19th No School - President's Day

28th Early Out Day for the District/ 1/2 day

Contact Information for GBE Office Staff and Administration:

Principal, Angie Doss

Principal's Secretary, Melissa Slater

Assistant Principal, David Samuel

Assistant Principal's Secretary, Dee Noel

Office # 660-269-2670

Address: 1320 Gratz Brown Road, Moberly MO 65270