What is Taoism?

Taoism is a peaceful and simple religion that values harmony with nature. As the makers of this unique civilization, we believe that life should be simple.

The symbol of Yin and Yang represents opposites, such as light and dark, and positive and negative. In order to be in harmony with nature, we have to live with all opposites and keep a simple life.

A rule in Taoism is that you can't strive for knowledge, power, or fame. This won't let you have a simple or peaceful life. So, since you shouldn't strive for power, the queen of our civilization does not make many laws, and she doesn't have very much power.

Meditation Ceremony

Tuesday, June 7th, 12pm

Courtyard, San Jose

On the 7th of June at 12 pm come to the middle of the courtyard and get ready to meditate. We will meditate for 1 hour straight.
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Redwood trees in Santa Cruz represent our harmony with nature. We have many different types of nature throughout our civilization.

Below is a picture of one of the temples built in San Francisco. This were a bell rings everyday at noon that tells us we need to start meditating.

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Non-believers are trained and disciplined to convert to Taoism. Training will keep people in our civilization because we don't want to lose civilians but we don't want any non-believers in our civilization. Non-believers give off too many bad vibes.

Church and State

Taoism influences behavior because it teaches people to live a relaxing and simple life. It influences political beliefs because it tells rulers to have very few laws and little power. This is why the church and state rule as one .