Protestant Reformation

Johannes Bugenhagen

Demographic Information

Name: Johannes Bugenhagen

Birth Date: June 24th, 1485

Date Of Death: April 20th, 1558

Discussion of Major Protest Against The Church

After being recommended by Luther, Johannes Bugenhagen was elected the new minister of St. Mary’s, the parish church of Wittenberg, in October 1523. He had already been married to Walpurga for a year at this time. This made his appointment as pastor of the parish church to a clear statement against celibacy.

Bugenhagen belonged to the inner circle of Wittenberg’s Protestant reformers. He quickly became a trusted companion to Luther. The Protestant reformer, two years older than Bugenhagen, regarded him as his confessor, spiritual advisor, and 'fatherly friend'. As pastor of the local church, Bugenhagen also wed Luther and Katharina von Bora in 1525 and baptised their children. He worked on the translation of the Bible together with other Protestant reformers and later completed a translation into Low German.

Timeline: When Johannes Fits Into the Reformation

When Johannes Fits Into the Reformation:

Starting in 1528, Bugenhagen was often underway for the cause of the Reformation, particularly in Northern Germany. He travelled to Hamburg, Brunswick, Lübeck, and to his native Pomerania, among other destinations.

Majors Events of the Reformation:

He wrote the new church ordinance for Denmark and crowned King Christian III of Denmark in Copenhagen on August 12, 1537. Bugenhagen became known as the ‘Protestant reformer of the North’ because of his writings and travels.

He died on April 20, 1558, and was buried in St. Mary’s, the parish church of Wittenberg.

Quotes from the time Johannes Bugenhagen Lived

Quotes said about Johannes:

He was called "Doctor Pommer" by luther, and was Luther's best friend. He was called by Luther, his confessor, and "Fatherly friend".

Quote given by Johannes given concern about Martin Luther's Death:

" Dear friends ".... "i am now supposed to give a sermonn at the funeral of our dearly beloved father, blessed Dr.Martin, and so gadly do so... For he was without doubt the angle concerning whomit is written in Revelation 14, who flew through the midst of heaven and had an eternal Gospel to proclaim."

Short Answers: Rephrase and answer the questions.

What two places on the map did Johannes Bugenhagen have the greatest impact on, during his time period?

Why did he get called "Protestant reformer of the North"? Give at least one way.

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Who was Johannes Bugenhagen pastor to and at where was he the pastor at?

What two Occupations did Johannes Bugenhagen have and when did he die?

(month and year he died)