By: Caleb Svoboda

Date joined European Union

Ireland joined the European Union in 1973. Ireland was not a founder of the European Union.

History of Ireland

Ireland was never part of another country at any point. Ireland is located in Western Europe and west of Great Britain. It is slightly bigger then West Virginia. It has mostly flats plains, low mountains, and sea cliffs on the west coast


Green represents the Gaelic history of Ireland and its Gaelic tradition. Orange represents King William of orange and his followers in the 16th century. White represents the peace between King William and the Gaelic nationalist.

Capital, Cities and Tourism

The capital is Dublin and some cities are Sligo, Galway, Cork, and Wicklow. Trinity College is Irelannd's oldest university. The Glendalogh, column in Wicklow was established by St. Kevin during the 6th century.

Geography and government of Ireland

Physical features in Ireland are flat hills, low mountains, and sea cliffs on the west cost. Ireland is a republic, parliamentary, and a democracy.

Currency and facts

The Irish pounder was the currency until 2002. They have used the euro since 2002. More then 300,000 people come visit the Blarney Stone each year to hang upside down and kiss the Blarney Stone. The three biggest symbols in Ireland are the green shamrock, the harp, and the Celtic cross. The ice age made it a inhospitable environment for reptiles. That's why there are no snakes in Ireland.