Did you get your daily dairy intake?

What is Calcium?

Calcium is one of the elements you need in order to live, so it's worth knowing a little bit about it. Calcium's chemical symbol is Ca. It's the 5th most abundant element in the earth's crust.

Calcium is found in many various types of food. The best sources of calcium in the diet are milk, yogurt, and cheese. Nearly 72% of the calcium in the US comes from dairy foods. Some other foods also have a good amount of calcium, especially calcium fortified foods. These include orange juice, tofu, almonds, red beans, and broccoli.

We need to consume a certain amount of Calcium daily to build or maintain the strength of our bones to keep healthy communication between the brain and various parts of the human body. In the heart, calcium is the mineral that plays a key role in causing the heart to contract. 99% of Calcium is stored in teeth to keep them strong and durable. Our bodies also requires calcium for muscles move around and for us to perform our daily activities, like playing sports, walking, running, etc.

Foods rich with Calcium

Effects of Calcium on health

Osteoporosis - is a disease of the bones in older adults in which the bones become fragile, and more prone to fractures.

Weight Loss - most studies have found that calcium from foods have little if any effect on body weight and amount of body fat.

What happens if i don't get enough calcium?

Intakes of calcium below recommended levels have health consequences, such as causing low bone mass and increasing the risks of osteoporosis and bone fractures.

Rebecca Anne Martin

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