RNNE Thursday PD Schedule

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Hey team -

Once again and as always, thank you so much for the deep passion and relentless pursuit that you give for your Rocketeers each time we engage in PD days.

Just as Danny named earlier today - we are in a sacred place and in that sacred place you carry the lives, stories and hearts of your Rocketeers with you which charges us all to dig deeper to develop greater for them.

It was powerful having the opportunity to engage in PD with each of you yesterday in the same sacred place - city and location - where many other Civil Rights leaders and trailblazers have blazed the trail that we walk on today. Just as Amy summed up earlier, our refocus at the museum yesterday as well as from what is currently happening in our society which constantly reminds us that we are yet, in a just and free society, is the reason why are in the work that we are in and do the work that we do each day as educators. It is our charge. It is our calling. It is our ministry.

We are the Freedom Riders of this generation.

Thank you for your deep engagement and your authentic dedication,


Thursday PD Schedule

We will continue to improve our excellence as teachers so that we can maximize our time in making each day better than the day before for our Rocketeers.

Thursday| Room 212

2:15-3:15 - Enduring Skills, Part 2

3:15-4:15 - Types of Talk

4:15-5:00 - Work Time/3/4 Humanities meet re: TN Ready Test Prep Block