The Odyssey

Book 9- The Cyclops

Sounds like Odysseus is getting a wake-up call.

(Polyphemos, in Odysseus’s tale:) ‘“Hear me, Poseidon who circle the earth, dark-haired. If truly I am your son, and you acknowledge yourself as my father, grant that Odysseus, sacker of cities, son of Laertes, who makes his home in Ithaka, may never reach that home; but if it is decided that he shall see his own people, and come home to his strong-founded house and to his own country, let him come late, in bad case, with the loss of all his companions, in someone else’s ship, and find troubles in his household.” ‘So he spoke in prayer, and the dark-haired god heard him.’

Odysseus was too conceited in his "clever" plan to get away. As they were leaving, even when his crew begged him to stop talking, he continually bragged and wanted the cyclops to know who was the one who defeated him. Odysseus revealed his name to the cyclops and he replied with this. Odysseus would have easily gotten away with it if he hadn't have gotten big-headed.

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Polyphemus is better than gods.

(Polyphemus, in Odysseus's tale:) '"Stranger, you are a simple fool, or come from far off, when you tell me to avoid the wrath of the gods or fear them. The Cyclopes do not concern themselves over Zeus of the aegis, nor any of the rest of the blessed gods, since we are far better than they

Even if this cyclops isn't a god, he has connections. In this world, you never know who your talking to our what they could be. You might think it's just a stupid cyclops, but it turns out they don't need any of the gods and are far better on their own. In other words, Polyphemus thinks he's was better than the gods.

Expecting Hospitality

‘From the start my companions spoke to me and begged me to take some of the cheeses, come back again, and the next time to drive the lambs and kids from their pens, and get back quickly to the ship again, and go sailing off across the salt water; but I would not listen to them, it would have been better their way, not until I could see him, see if he would give me presents. My friends were to find the sight of him in no way lovely.’

When they were traveling they began to get hungry so they urged Odysseus to get some food from the cave, without asking. They didn't want to stay and receive permission so they told him to just take it. Odysseus, being the person he was, knew he couldn't just take it so he waited around just to ask. It was expected that the owner of the cave would easily give them what they wanted, but they were shocked when that was not the case.

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The Cyclops' Cave

This is where the crew went to try to get supplies, when they were kept captive by the Cyclops names Polyphemus. He eats some of them without a thought and in the middle of the night Odysseus wants to kill him before realizing they wouldn't be able to leave without Polyphemus's strength to remove the rock. He then hatches a plan of escape and puts into action. Fortunately it works. Until they're escaping and Odysseus becomes big-headed and reveals his name to be cursed.


Polyphemus is the cyclops that trapped them in his cave and ate part of Odysseus's crew. He is also the son of Poseidon and uses that to his advantage once he discovers who Odysseus is. He gets outsmarted once he treats the men horrible and without being hospitable.
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Leadership was necessary in their society.

Back then their was an appointed leader before a lot of things were decided. This person made the major decisions which at times wasn't a good idea when the leader didn't take all things int account. These leaders don't rule with Democracy, but by their personal rights. Most of the time, the leaders we meet have to have courage. Odyssey led his men and whenever he didn't listen to them and went with what he wanted, things didn't end well for them.
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