Reading ; A History

By: Cassie Anderson

Katie Mattie Brand new Author

The author of M.A.J.I.C, a new series perfect for lovers of Percy Jackson and the Olympians, is a story about five girls who brave the forces of the Titians.

I got a chance to meet Katie and I got my book signed by her. She is the youngest person ever to be invited to the Ann Arbor Book Festival.

'Wicked' Good

The book Wicked ( I bet you all have heard the musical) is a political fantasy. It gives the world of Oz a new meaning. The life of wicked witch of the west is more complex than it may seem to appear. From being born in disgrace and having lost almost all of her family gives the witch a reason to go after Dorothy.

I recommend that the reader of Wicked have an open mind to the text and I do NOT suggest anyone under the age of thirteen read this book. Parents may want to read the book first. ( This is also considered a 'girl' book in some aspects.)

His Dark Materials

This series includes the Golden Compass, a well known book and movie. Lyra is a supposedly orphaned girl whose life goes upside down. She chases down a group that does experiments of pre-teens( by the way the characters have creature that can't leave them) to separate them from their creature. The master mind of the group is Lyra own mother. She travels to many worlds and meets something that can cut througth anything including air.

2011 - currant

Hunger Games, His Dark Materials, The Wicked Years, Maximum Ride, Gone With the Wind, The Three Musketeers,

The Golden Compass - Trailer
* Matilda * - by Roald Dahl (Great Audiobook!) Part 1

National Reading Day

Monday, March 3rd, 1am-11:45pm

7265 North Ann Arbor Street

Saline, MI

Read any number of books from Dr. Seuss to Stephan King

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Can you tell which genre is my favorite?:)

Information on 'Reading , A History"

The beginning of my infographic has some of my favorite books and a little about them. Then a short timeline of the books throughout my life. After are two videos ( orginally found in YouTube). One is the Golden Compass which is a full length novel that was turned into a movie. The next video is the book of Matilda. This video is a audiobook and in my opinion is one of the best audiobooks that I have found of youtube.

I put in National Reading day which is in March. Last I made a chart of my favorite genres. ( Can you tell which one's my favorite. )