Pro Basketball Guide

By Carson Mertens

chapter1 Eqipment

You don't need much you still need stuff. You need a team, a hoop, and shoes, you can't have cleats. You also need a BASKETBALL not a soccer ball, not a volleyball, a basketball.

Thats all you need.


Basketball is fun but that doesn't mean there aren't rules so here they are. Number 1 rule in basketball is you need to dribble that is not all. You have to dribble with one hand not two. You can't stay under the hoop for more than three seconds or there will be a 3 second vilation. You also can't keep dribbling behind half court for more than 8 seconds last one, you can't wait to pass it for more than 5 seconds.


Passing is very inportant in basketball. It is not very hard to pass the ball so here's how. first you need to find a teammate that is open to pass to. Next you need to get it at you're chest and throw it to there chest but don't chuck it at them you have to pass it easily thats it next chapter.


On defence you need to ALWESE get low and have you're hands out. When you're playing off ball defense you need to see both the ball and you're man


.MJ/Michael Jordan He is the best basketball player in HISTORY he has 3 nab titels 7 all star game show ups

.larry Bird he was the 2 best player in he world

.lebron james he is the best player write now to play he has won 0 titles

.Kobe bryant He won 5 titels 14 all star show ups

.Indiana Pacers they once had some amazing players and all stars they haven't won a championships but there not terrible

.la Clippers they have won 12 championships and have some amazing players

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