Please stop laughing at me

book by Jodee Blanco & smore by Kailyn Pridemore

Summary pg. 170

Jodee blanco was just a young girl when her life started to go downhill. She was always nicer than most people but wanted to be popular. She learned from the beginning that you can't be nice and popular or you would be bullied. She made the decision to be nice but still tried to be popular for awhile. She seemed to always do something wrong to make everyone hate her. When she first went to a holy school she was nice to the disabled kid and she was bullied for being nice. Then when she moved she told on kids at a party then everyone bullied and hated her for that. When she moved schools this time she didn't want anyone to hate her but she defended others and ended up being bullied all over again but worse this time. They never left her alone all the way until senior year. She stayed because she wanted to show that she wasn't giving up and that she was brave through everything that was happening to her. She grew up to be a famous author and when she went to a high school reunion she was the new cool kid she was now popular. Everyone felt guilty and immature because she was the one to succeed. quote-- " I close my eyes and try to shut out the loneliness"

Jodee Blanco character analysis pg.238

Jodee was any other kid other than her breast deformity. Her family always believed in her even though it got hard. She was always so nice to everyone but she was put down if she was too nice. All she ever wanted was to fit in and know what it's like to have everyone like you and have so many friends instead of everyone hating you and scared to be your friend because you would be bullied to. She seemed to destroy everything good in her life because she tried too hard to succeed that it all the tumbled over her and she lost control. quote-- "i'm uncomfortable because no one has been mean to me lately"

Character vs society pg.166

Jodee was always being bullied. Everyone hated her throughout school and bullied her terribly. She didn't fight back because she didn't want to give in. She let it happen and then went home to cry and just want to be done with school. She never resolved the problem because she never tried she just let the problem evolve. She left high school went to college became an author and wrote a book about her life. You could consider her going to the high school reunion and telling everyone how horrible they were and getting them to say sorry but, she never did anything when it was actually happening. Society won the battle of bullying. quote--"now i'm the prettiest" "now i'm the best" "now i'm the loneliest"

textual evidence

The most powerful parts in the book we're when Jodee every once in a while would stand up for herself and others. When she first went to school she defended a disabled girl that was her best friend. She mostly defended others that we're getting bullied and not so much herself. At the end of the book she goes to a high school reunion and reminds all the horrible kids who are adults now what they have done and what they have caused her. My quote that I chose from the book is "what a desperate, pathetic fool I was. time after time, my "friends" had shown me their true colors. Yet I still wanted to believe they were sorry for causing me pain." This is meaningful because she always trusted new people and sometimes even the old people who were already mean to her she started to trust again but she soon learned that it was always a trick. She fell for it every time because she wanted to believe the best in everyone. She wanted to be accepted and popular and to just have more friends and be like all the people that were more social than her but they were bullying her and she didn't even care she just wanted it to be over.
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