Peter: A Writer

Reflections Of A 11 Year Old Writer

I'm a writer who

I like to learn new ways to write. I'm not very good at writing and I'm not a hater or a lover. Writing is not my favorite subject but i don't mind it. I wish i was good at writing because I think it is fun to write. I'm not so confident about my work and I'm better at personal narratives.

A Memorable Experience

A good experience was when I was in fifth grade at Highlands in Illinois. I was next to share my personal narrative with the class. My personal narrative was about the Ohio State football game I went to. I was not very confident that the class was going to like it because of how long it was "compared to other peoples". It was 4 1/2 pages and might seem boring to some people because of all the scoring and points and stuff. So when it was my turn I shared and everyone clapped and said "awesome story" that was a good memorable experience. I took away from this experience was to always not give up and say that there no way that people will like it.

Sixth Grade Writing Goals

To always have a positive attitude- Never give up- To be able to have ideas that just come to me- To be able to write with bigger and more complicated words- To be able to do Poetry better

About Me

I love to swim, swimming is my favorite thing to do and my favorite sport (swim team). I also like soccer basketball and ping pong. I have two younger brothers Zack and Evan. They both go to Trinity Zack's in Mrs Fine's 4th grade and Evan's in Mrs Elise's kindergarten. I have a Mom and a Dad Alyson/Mom and Todd/Dad.