By Evan Zook


You will go back in the wonderous 1800's and learn about the invention of the telegraph, and how Samuel F.B. Morse created it.

Inventors and Improvements

Samuel F.B. Morse was the original creator of the telegraph and Thomas Alva Edison was another person that made improvements to it.

How does it work?

The receiver drew dots and dashes on an unwinding strip of paper that passed under a stylus which was activated by an electromagnet that was turned on and off by the signals of a transmitter.

What is the Purpose?

The purpose of the telegraph is to be able to send a message to another person from a far distance.

Where did the invention occur and when did it occur?

The concept of the telegraph began in France and in the 19th century.

Why is this needed?

The telegraph is needed so that the people could communicate easier and not have to send birds or people to deliver a message.

Why is this invention important in history?

This invention is important in history, because it helped with easier communication and it helped with things like telling the president he is going to be killed.


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