Chapter 3,4, &7

Assessment, Comprehension, and Background Knowledge

Gradual Release Framework

Teacher Modeling(1)

- Teacher explains and models how to do a particular strategy

Guided Practice(2)

-Students and Teachers working together

-Large group conversations

Collaborative Practice(3)

-Students sharing their mental process

-Teacher checks in with different groups and guides if necessary

Independent Practice (4)

-Students try to replicate strategies they've learned

-Students receive feedback from the teacher and other students on their work

Application of Strategy in Authentic Reading Situations (5)

-Students are then asked to implicate different strategies that they have learned in class into a variety of situations

Tips for reading comprehension

-Thinking aloud

- Reading aloud

-Interactive reading aloud

-Lifting Text

-Guided Discussion


Connecting to Background Knowledge

1. Having students connect to their personal lives

2. Connect the material to other literature for students to see more examples

3. Students scribe what they have noticed about a particular piece of literature and have them compare with their peers.

-Allows for a deeper and more concrete understanding and comprehension of the material