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A note to students and parents from your counselors...

We are all in this together and your counselors are available to support you. We continue to focus on your academic, career/college, and personal concerns. We will send this weekly newsletter to update you on what we learn and provide resources that will help along the way.

We may not be in the building, but are still availalbe to help you. Contact us as needed:

Students with Last Names A - Ke Mrs. Debbie Wall

Students with Last Names Kf - P Mrs. Jennifer Frohock

Students with Last Names Q - R Mrs. Nadia Given

Let’s Stay Connected!

Below is a community resource developed in conjunction with the Chippewa Valley Coalition for Youth and Families and the Chippewa Valley District Crisis Coordinating Team (DCCT). It contains helpful community resources and tips for parents and community members trying to navigate the Coronavirus epidemic.

U Matter! Taking care of yourself & your mental well-being....

Take Care of Yourself during this stressful me.

It’s important to make your health a priority. That includes getting plenty of sleep, physical exercise and a healthy diet.

Find ways to address stress, such as journaling, going for walks or calling a loved one. Maintaining a routine can also reduce stress.

Practicing mindfulness and trying not think of the future or worst-case scenarios can be especially helpful. There are many online references worth checking out, including YouTube guided meditation and yoga videos, and apps such as Headspace.

Activities that distract you from current events can be helpful. Here are a few ideas:

  • Household chores, such as cleaning your room, organizing your closet, will give you a sense of purpose and accomplishment when completed.
  • Staying engaged in your learning (see "Continuing Learning!" below).
  • Movies and series on Netflix are also a good option.
  • TV programming has expanded during the crisis, particularly through streaming services like Netflix. You can also currently stream the Met Opera for free. The NFL and NBA are also offering complementary access to online streaming platforms.
  • Virtual parishes, which the Pope and other faith leaders are offering, can help maintain religious connections.
  • Group chatting with friends and relatives, using FaceTime or other apps.

Use this time to complete your EDP & Explore Careers thru Career Cruising

Students are encouraged to visit their Educational Development Plan (EDP) on Career Cruising. If your EDP is not 100% complete, you can work on completing it. If your EDP is already complete, you can take this opportunity to explore careers that interest you and the type of educational/occupational training that is required for those careers. It's never too early! In fact, it's a great motivator!

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Continuing Learning!

Schoology Instructions

Directions for Schoology are attached to help make our students' learning experiences as easy to access as possible.

Schoology for Students.pdf

Learning Resources for Students

FOR CTE AND PE STUDENTS ONLY: Please note that Mr. Youngblood has launched his Schoology site, and Mr. Digiorgio will be using his web page (the link is included in the attached document) instead of Schoology. These changes are reflected in the attached Resources for students.

Student Extended Learning Resources.docx