Abigail Adams

Meaghan Williams

childhood/family, birth/info

She was born November 11, 1744 Massachusetts. She died October 28, 1818. she died from typhoid fever, an infection that causes diarrhea and a severe rash. She belonged to a family with a long tradition of public service, so she was in a great position to observe the historic events. Her grandma is the only one who was there for her. Her parents were always to busy.

important life events

She lived by the word of god her whole life. She never disobeyed one living soul. She was a respectful young lady to everyone not just the people she knew. Self educated, Abigail was furious that she wasn't allowed to have an education, however her grandma gave her one. She was well aware of her surroundings and wrote her husband a letter that without her knowing went down in history known as "remember the ladies". Her husband, John Adams, was a president and she practically controlled him. She was never to shy to share her opinions which is a very good thing.

important accomplishments

She was married to the second president John Adams. She had two daughters and one son who happened to become the 6th president. She did what she wanted and didn't care what other people thought. She helped her husband be president. She made it through the wartime very successfully.

what motivated her to fight for womens rights

She couldn't get a good education. She was tired of being a house wife she wanted to be involved with the world around her. She feels women should have more part in their marriage rather than serve her husband. She didn't like the fact that women were treated like slaves. She led the first women's rights convention which was good.


Abigail Adams was an intelligent girl who wished that she could attend school. Her frustration over not being able to get a better education led her to fight for women's rights later on in life. Like most girls Abigail and her two sisters were educated at home by there grandmother. Her grandmother was the only women in their family that was educated.

Interesting facts

Abigail and John were 3rd cousins and still got married 3 years after they met. Abigail loved to read and write about her life events and how she felt about the world around her. Abigail and her husband were patriots which means they supported independence of the American colonies from Britain. Abigail led a convention that later without her knowing went down in history that helped people realize women aren't step stones we are people too!