From Rising Star to Shining Star

Learn about Brynn's past life and how she got famous.

Fresh Faces - America's Got Talent 2013 Season 8 - Radio City Music Hall

From Rising Star to Shining Star

Okay fast forward 2 years.......... "Brynn, you're the lead." "Brynn you have a solo this weekend." "I'm nervous, if we lose it will be my fault... And I don't want that." This is a glimpse into the life of Brynn Rumfallo. She's back!

TV Show Expert

Some people think Brynn's life is BETTER OFF NOW but I don't think Brynn would have been in the Fresh Faces with fellow dancer Jaycee Wilkins. The Fresh Faces was a group of 5 young mini dancers who competed on season eight of Americas got Talent and made it to semi finals before being eliminated,their last performance was a high flying act. Heidi and Mel B loved the girls and their performance, yet again there's mister mean guy Howard who just can't stand little girls and eliminated them. A few years later when Brynn was 12 she performed on Dancing with the Stars with Maddie Ziegler and Jaycee. No they were not competing but the dance was spectacular and she got fame for it.
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Dylynn Jones, Jaycee Wilikins, Jenna Valenzuela, Brynn, and Bostyn Brown before Americas got Talent!
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Brynn, Jaycee, and Maddie on Dancing with the Stars!

Family Life

Brynn may be really busy with popularity but she still loves her family. She spends most of her time with her mom, Ashlee Allen, on Dance Moms Season 6 in LA but she visits her younger sister, Sadie, and younger brother, Noah, in Arizona anytime she has the chance. I guess it would be hard to not see your family as much sense you have been in dance sense you were 2!
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Fun Facts about Brynn!

-Brynn's favorite dance was Enter One.

-Her birthday is July 1st, 2003.

-Her zodiac sign is Cancer.

-Brynn was born in Arizona with fellow dancer Kalani Hilliker (p.s Their moms hate each other)

-Brynn won many dance titles including best mini dancer at the 2014 dance awards.( That's when Abby Lee Miller got interested)

-Brynn started dancing at 2 years old!

Hate, Rumors and Gossip!

As you know Brynn and the other Dance Moms girls get hate mail, rumors, and gossip but some people can go too far! For example people tell Brynn,Maddie and the other girls that the other girls shouldn't be on the team and they stink or just mean things in general. People also base their Instagram accounts of Brynn and cross out her face in pictures! I don't get why people don't just ignore the people they hate?
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Brynn compared to me

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I don't know about you but I think it's time for a change around here! Yes I know, I know that Celebreties have to put themselves out there and be ready for hate when they get social media but come on she's an amazing dancer and is beautiful and deserves a spot on the ALDC junior elite competition team. It's time for a new Golden Girl and that girl is not Maddie Ziegler it's drum roll please........... The one, the only, BRYNN RUMFALLO!!!!!!! You agree right? Well she very well might be. This is the end of the introduction to Brynn Rumfallo, wish her luck!
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Dance Moms: Brynn Rumfallo - Mystical Beauty
Dance Moms: Maddie Ziegler & Brynn Rumfallo - Together As One
Dance Moms - Brynn Rumfallo - The Coronation (S6 E1)
Diamond in the Rough - Brynn Rumfallo - Full Solo - Dance Moms: Choreographer's Cut