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October 1st-October 15th

Important dates:

Woods Creek School Calendar

Week of 10/15 - Conference sign up on ParentVue will be open. More information to come!

10/15- Board Meeting at 7:00

10/18- PTO Meeting at 7:00

10/19- Buona Beef PTO Fundraiser Night

10/24- Early Release

10/25-10/27- Scholastic Book Fair


In ELA, we have been working on questioning strategies before, during, and after reading. The students have practiced whole group, with partners, and on their own. We read Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon Erandi's Braids and discussed Question and Answer relationships. We discussed if they were in the book questions/answers or in your head questions/answers. Students showed their learning this past week by reading an on level text and asking/answering their own questions.

We are now entering Unit 2 in our ELA curriculum. We will put forth our focus on reading informational texts! We will also be writing informational pieces during Writing Workshop.

Don't forget that the Spooktacular BOO-k Report is due on Wednesday, October 24th. We can't wait to see all of the creative character pumpkins!!


We finished Unit 1 in math! Our students now have strong fundamental skills on fact families, missing addends, and story problems. We are so proud to see their progression on those skills. As we move into Unit 2, your child will begin to explore place value. We will be practicing place value through base 10 drawings. Later in this unit, we will be working on adding 2-digit numbers using the drawings to help them understand the concept of place value.

Thank you for your support of our new math curriculum!

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We are still learning about "Pebbles, Sand and Silt." We have observed what changes occur (if any) when pebbles are placed into water. We have also sorted rocks and used descriptive words to categorize different rocks! Ask your child what they observed when they washed the rocks.

Book Order

Book orders are one of the best way to give back to our classroom! When you place a book order for your child, the teacher receives points to exchange for books, games, and other materials for the classroom. If you would like to place a book order, please click on the link below:

Thank you for your support of our classroom!

Scholastic Book Order

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