Georgia,A Place For Social Equality

Georgia, in honor of our king George II

Welcome British prisoners!

Our Hero James Oglethorpe got angry with rising problems of urbanization! He was unhappy of treatment for prisoners! Thus, our hero has came up with solution! To bring prisoners to the new world. He convinced the petition in 1732 against the parliament and here we are! living in a world where James Oglethorpe promised Agrarian Equality! Leave Britain, where there is full of unjustified action, and come to us!

Place to get rich, Place to get brave!

We, After landing here from the ship Anne with Oglethorpe, has become richer than we expected! Using this Georgia's warm climate, we were able to grow crops through out the year! Guess who made the fish, timber,tobacco, rice, indigo, sugar, fur and many others which you are using! most likely, it is from us! you think they are expensive? well it is free here, and you can make money out of them! Unlike in Britain, in new world, you can get money easily just by working in the farm!

Place to get brave and have military success! One of the reason why our mighty king George ii accepted us to be here was to set a defense line against Spaniard invaders to the South Carolina. Are you scared? BECAUSE WE ARE NOT! There isn't many invasion here. Furthermore, you are going to die anyway right? How would you die? Starve to death or live in opulent life and fight to death? Also this is great place to have military success since although there isn't many war, it is still a war zone!

Do you want Religious freedom? Well this is the place to come to!

There is so many Religious suppression from royal kings and families right? Gosh.. Come to Georgia where we offer you a Religious freedom!

Are you scared to leave your own country? Do you feel like it is betrayal to country if you live Britain?

Well don't worry because Georgia is Royal Colony!

Our governor is appointed by King of Great Britain! Being loyal to our governor and for welfare of Georgia, is being loyal to our King and our home country!

Don't worry if our governor is abusing his power, because we also have representative whom we elect to inform our king what is happening in the colony.

Are you scared of Indians? Well don't worry! Are you against Black Slaves? Don't worry!

Our king George II is very thoughtful and meticulous. Look at the newspapers! Other colonies *cough New England* is struggling with the war against Indians! Well, not Georgia which is cooperating to live with Indians! Thank you King George II for Treaty of Savannah!

Our Hero James Oglethorpe is prohibiting the slaves from entering the colony. Despite the labor we desperately need, Oglethorpe think it is not right to slave people. Come and join us! Our colony is morally and religiously scrupulous! Our Colony is the only colony out of 13 colonies that prohibits slavery!

Remember to Say Hello And thank Oglethorpe ! He is our true hero

He negotiated with Indian tribe Yamacrow to peace!In fact, he is friend with Tomochichi, a leader of Yamacrow. He, with Indians, built many Strong forts to protect us!

He set agrarian equality which supported an economy based on family farming and prevent social disintegration associated with infamous urbanization!

He also set the balance within people by limiting land ownership to 50 acres

He banned Slavery too!

He is our true hero who developed Georgia socially and economically perfect!