Violent video games aren't bad

By:Brandon Mckellip

My purpose

My goal of arguing is to say that violent video games arnt bad for teenagers. Most people think that these violent video games will affect these teenagers life.

My audience

My audience is the parents of all of these teenagers. I think that these teenagers should only play a short amount of time to play because playing a long time might be bad.

My claim

I think that playing these games are really fun and they help you with hand eye coordination and focus. Most people see these games as a stradagy game and not as violent as they actually are.

My Evidence

I play these so called violent video games almost every day but I'm not violent at all. These games I play with my friends so we just have fun on them.


These games may help you with hand eye coordination and communication with your team. You have to say where the other team is so that you can eliminate them.


Parents might be against these violent video games because they have high graphics. But with the way the internet is nowadays kids with technology can see anything they want.