Thomas Jefferson

Why he SHOULDNT be our leader!

"All men are created equal."

Why would anyone trust a man who is a hypocrite to run our country? People of the Americas you do NOT want someone you cant trust. Jefferson says in the declaration of independence that "All men are created equal." But Jefferson himself is a very well known slave holder, enslaving about over 200 people over time, but with that said Jefferson may like some of his slaves more than he should...if you know what I mean. Deceitful and hypocritical, those terms don't really scream "President" or "Political trustworthy figure"

Slave owner.. or slave LOVER?

Jefferson is a man of many questionable actions, including that of Sally Hemings, a slave of Jefferson, who bared him 7 children. The same man who enslaved these people, INCLUDING his own children. What kind of man makes his own children be slaves? Not the kind of man we want running our country.
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Jefferson is a certified big old hypocrite


Jefferson stated he would stop excessive spending, but authorized the Louisiana purchase, without say so from the congress I may add. Jefferson didn't even pay the Indians for the territory, he paid France instead. Jefferson over used his power and ignored checks and balances and the constitution.
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Anti federlist

What are we without a strong central government? Must we recall the articles of confederation and see how that all plays out? Being a country ran by a man who wants all state power is a risky deal. There will be no representation and basically no rules. This country needs a leader that will provide structure, Not someone who is scared.

This is not the man we want running our country

In ending statements Thomas Jefferson is not a good man and certainly someone who doesn't need to run a country. We need a president that is not a hypocrite, and stands up for his beliefs, that man would be John Adams.
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Electon of 1800

Friday, Oct. 31st 1800 at 12am to Wednesday, Dec. 3rd 1800 at 12am


Vote for John Adams because Thomas Jefferson is TRASH


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