Neil Armstrong Elementary

Dr. Stevenson's Weekly News- Week 7

What's happening?

Dear staff,

  • Thank you all for supporting the Ice Cream Social and PTA Open House! Our attendance looked like this. 53% of our families attended.
  1. PS 7/14
  2. KA 11/25
  3. KB 17/25
  4. 1A 13/23
  5. 1B 16/26
  6. 2A 15/23
  7. 2B 15/23
  8. 3A 11/22
  9. 3B 11/20
  10. 4A 10/23
  11. 4B 4/23
  12. 5A 13/23
  13. 5B 13/23
  • The school board meeting is at 6:00 on Monday night at the Admin Center. Becca and I will be sharing updates about 5th Quarter and Rock-It Academy. Please join if you are able.
  • Happy birthday to Heather Bagby on Thursday!
  • I will be at the AEA all day on Monday for "Leading School Change w/Todd Whitaker". Danielle and the office will be in charge. They will contact me by phone or text about any situations. Some discipline might have to wait until I return as Danielle is not the acting principal in my absence. I am sure it will be a quiet day. Most Mondays are :)
  • I will be at the AEA all day on Tuesday for Day 3 of the 4 I have to attend for Evaluator III training for my license. Danielle will be at the Counselor Academy that day at the AEA, too. Please see Jenni or Carrie if you have any issues and/or the office.
  • The ARMS coins came in and I put a bag in all classified staff mailboxes. PLEASE make sure you are focusing on acknowledging positive behavior. I am surprised we haven't filled our school bucket in the library yet for our first all school reward. Maybe this will be the week?
  • I included a quick 3 minute read on a link at the bottom about empowering studetns to manage their own behavior. What if every adult in our building challenged him/herself to say 5 positive things to kids before saying 1 negative thing? Wow!

September 15-19

Weekly Plan

Monday September 15

Lisa at AEA all day.


5th grade collaboration meeting w/Mr. Berg, Ms. DeGeorge, Mrs. Reed, Mrs. Watkins


4th grade collaboration meeting w/Mrs. Clark, Mrs. Slagel, Mrs. Reed, Mrs. Watkins


1st grade collaboration meeting w/Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. DePover, Mrs. Reed, Mrs. Watkins


Kindergarten collaboration meeting w/Ms. Baids, Mrs. Fry, Mrs. Reed, Mrs. Watkins,


School board meeting (5th Quarter/Rock-It Academy updates)

Tuesday September 16

Lisa at AEA all day.

Danielle at AEA all day.


2nd grade collaboration meeting w/Ms. Topping, Ms. Love, Mrs. Reed, Mrs. Watkins


3rd grade collaboration meeting w/Ms. Dvorak, Mrs. Mueller, Mrs. Reed, Mrs. Watkins

Wednesday September 17


Pre-observation meeting w/Ms. Love


NA Core team meeting w/Danielle, Lori, Barb, Christy Davis


Formal observation of Ms. Love


Weekly instructional coaches meeting w/Mrs. Reed and Mrs. Watkins


Pre-observation meeting w/Mrs. Frye

Thursday September 18


RtI collaboration meeting w/ Mrs. Watkins, Mrs. Reed, Mrs. Frye, Ms. Moreland


Formal observation of Mrs. Frye


BLDD Architect meeting @ NA


Pete Bruecken (HS Instructional Coach) visiting classrooms


Preschool collaboration meeting w/Mrs. Bartsh, Mrs. Watkins, Mrs. Reed, Dr. Stevenson

Friday September 12

Lisa tentatively gone in p.m.


Weekly school counselor meeting w/Ms. Breier


Weekly office staff meeting


Kay Ingham will be here visiting SPED, Title, PS classrooms