Tech Corps

Have a heart for technology. 2-14-16

First session

First session will include lessons over many websites and apps such as, Thinglink, PowToon, GoFormative, AppleTV, Prezi, Kahoot, Minecraft, and

Thinglink (1st Session)

Thinglink is a great way to keep your creativity going and flowing. Your interactive pictures are great ways to teach your kids in your classroom in a creative way! Thinglink is easy to learn and simple to use, but it’s so much fun. Thinglink brings back the life and story into your pictures and lessons.

By: Shyla Levens, Hannah Rearrick, and Nic Sivalingam. (203)

PowToon(1st Session)BYOD

I will show you how to make a powtoon so that way you do not have to give your students a boring presentation instead you will give them a fun one and help direct your classes focus toward the subject.

By: Bobby Pearish.(103)

GoFormative(1st Session)BYOD

GoFormative is a great website where you can give tests, exit slips, and assignments. We will be showing you what you can do on GoFormative and will be walking through the process of signing up.

By: Kylee Bard, Spencer Lortz, and Haidyn Berry. (200)

Apple TV(1st Session)

Have you ever had problems with your Apple TV? Well say goodbye to those days. We will explain to you how to use an Apple TV and what cord does what. We will then explain what airplay is.

By: Roger Carranco, Alex Johnson, Gustavo Subbag, and Zachary Nichols.(208)

Prezi(1st Session)BYOD

Do you have get tired of using google slides? Well, now you don’t have to worry because Prezi is here to save the day. With Prezi you can make good looking and flowing slides and presentations.

By: Sophia Carranco and Maddie Bay.(106)

Kahoot(1st Session)BYOD

Have you ever wanted to know how much your students know with an online quiz? Well now you can, with Kahoot! Kahoot is a fun online-based quiz taking website that allows your students to take quizzes online (and ANONYMOUSLY). In this course we will show you how to sign up for Kahoot and how to create one. we will be playing three Harry Potter based Kahoots to give you an idea of how it works.

By: Owen Weller, Teagan Davis, and Adrianna Stettes.(201)

Minecraft(1st Session)BYOD

We will be explaining several ways of how Minecraft can be used in your classroom in an educational way.

  • Minecraft is a great way for students to push their imaginations past the sky, because there is a whole other world out there where you can be yourself.

  • Students can communicate through the digital world and learn how to express themselves.

  • Helps kids learn in a new way and environment

  • If students are doing a project, it helps expand their options by giving more resources to go by not just the normal few.

By: Braxton Banks and Emma Garrison.(406) Session) is a simple web tool that empowers anyone to create and share powerful visuals such as infographics and posters with no design experience needed! It is a great way to compile info.

By: Peyton Winnett. (402)

1st and 2nd Session presentations.

The following are presentations that will be shown both during both sessions.

MineCraft(1st Session and second session)

In our presentation, we were focusing on coding. We will explain the different ways you can learn to code. We will be showing you how to use coding with minecraft and how to use to focus on your hands on and to benifit your understanding.

By: Kelsey Farren and Whitney Pollard.(101)

Apple.(1st Session and second session)BYOD

We will show you the history of apple. You will learn about how apple products work. (Ex. mac computer, iPhone, and Ext.)

By: Brianna Batson and Morgan Ricky.(100)

FotoFlexer.(1st Session and second session)BYOD

  • I have learned a lot about technology by using Fotoflexer.

  • FotoFlexer is a free useful website that allows you to change an image of your choice.

  • I personally love FotoFlexer this website is not only free but, downloadable on pretty much any device!

Josh Matheson.(room)

Go Ennounce(1st Session and second session)BYOD

Go Ennounce is a social networking website for students to use. Students can also keep track of their own achievements.

By: Tyler Wade and Caymun Farrell.(206)

Plickers and internet use.(1st Session and second session)

Do you want your students to work with technology? If you do then come learn about Plickers, a way you can use technology, but the students can’t. We will have two short slides over both subjects, then have a Plickers quiz over internet.

By: Margaret Dunn and Angel Cortes.(500)

2nd session

The following are only being shown during 2nd session: LiveBlnders, Quizlet, Khan Accademy, Symbaloo, Socrative. And many more.

LiveBInders(2nd Session)

LiveBinders is an amazing way to keep all of your presentations and paperwork organized. LiveBinders wants to help you go paperless and be more efficient. Your paperwork will no longer be cluttering your desk. No need to fear, LiveBinders is here!

By: Nic Sivalingam Hannah Rearrick, and Shyla Levens.(203)

Quizlet(2nd Session)

I will teach you about all of Quizlets features and what uses it could have in the classroom.

By: Bobby Pearish(606)

Khan Academy(2nd Session.)BYOD

I’m going to talk about what Khan Academy is and what you can do with it. I’m going to tell you how it is helpful and a great educator. I’m gonna talk about how you can use it with your children and main points of it.

By: Chloe McGuirk(103)

Symbaloo(2nd Session)BYOD

Symbaloo is to keep your websites sorted neatly make it easier to get to all of your websites. Symbaloo is a app that you can create tiles with and when you click on them the website pops up so it will be faster and is easier to get to.

By: Kelsea Johnson and Caylen White(205)

Quizlet(2nd Session)BYOD

Quizlet a great classroom tool to help your students learn and study in a fun way. I will also be showing you how to use Quizlet and how to sign up. There will be a quiz on Quizlet at the end. I would love for you to come and learn about Quizlet.

By: Kylee Bard(200)

Socrative(2nd Session)BYOD

Are you tired of grading all of those papers one by one staying up until unreasonable hours of the night then waking up the next day only to do it again? You, as a teacher, already have so much stuff to plan and get done, let socrative take some stress off your hands

By: Emily Burkhart and Taylor Harris(400)

Symbaloo and Google Keep(2nd Session)BYOD

Did you forget what that one website was called? Did you forget to pack something for your trip? Well if so, then Symbaloo and Google Keep are for you. Have the best of both worlds by staying organized and remembering everything you need to remember by keeping track of websites and making notes that travel everywhere you go.

By: Allie Johnson and Kelsie Venneman(207)

Quizizz and Smore(2nd Session)BYOD

Have you ever wanted to let your students take a quiz anonymously? Well, now you can. With the formative assessment tool Quizizz. We will play a Quizizz, as well as create your FREE account for the tool. Also, have you ever wanted to create a digital flyer/newsletter? Learn how to do so with Smore, the digital newsletter’ that you can create in 5 minutes or less!

By: Owen Weller, Teagan Davis, and Adrianna Stettes(201)

Edmodo (2nd Session)BYOD

Edmodo is an educational website that takes the concepts of a social network, and takes them and makes it appropriate for a classroom. Using Edmodo, students and teachers can reach out to one another and connect by sharing ideas, problems, and helpful tips.

By: Braxton Banks and Emma Garrison(406)

Photopeach(2nd Session)BYOD

Have you ever been running late and need a presentation really quick and don’t have very much time? Photopeach may be a solution. Photopeach is a free, web-based app where you can create presentations.

By: Dakota Cox(503)

GoFormative(2nd Session)BYOD

Have you ever wanted to make quizzes or worksheets online instead of on paper? GoFormative is an easy way to make a test, worksheet, or even an exit slip. I will be showing an example of a teacher’s class and a student's class. Come to Room 604 and learn how to start your own class and an assignment! Hopefully this helps you learn how to use GoFormative!

By: Cayden Phillips(604)

Powtoon(2nd Session)

Have you ever get tired of using a same thing to present your presentation, well if that answer was a yes then today is your

lucky day because I will tell you something different and cool that you can use for your presentation. it call Powtoon.

By: TJ Emil (PAR)