Endangered Animals of Asia

The Dhole


  • mammal
  • also known as Asiatic wild dog, Indian wild dog, and Red dog
  • has rusty red colored fur and thick muzzle; looks like fox
  • grow up to length of 90 centimeters
  • female’s weight: 10 to 13 kg
  • male’s weight: 15-20 kg
  • has wide range of vocalizations
  • way of communication: whistling


Food Chain

  • carnivore
  • prey: spotted deer, sambar deer, and wild sheep
  • diet mainly of medium sized ungulates, or animals with hooves
  • hunt in packs
  • capable of hunting animals 10 times its own size
  • cunning like a fox
  • predator: humans
  • killed for several different reasons



  • live in several different areas with different climates
  • forest areas, mountains, montane forests, alpine areas, and thick jungles
  • countries of Malaysia, Indonesia, Java
  • live in packs in dens
  • hunt and live by rivers

(IUCN Red List)


  • fur helps them camouflage
  • use distinctive whistle to reassemble rest of pack when in need of help
  • hunt in pants of around 6 to 12
  • use sense of smell to locate prey
  • capable swimmers
  • remarkable speed to flee from predator, humans


How it became endangered and what is being done...

  • habitat loss, killing for pelts, elimination of prey, diseases spread by other animals, persecution, and poisoning
  • protected under the law
  • Schedule 2 of the Wildlife Act of 1972 (India), Dhole Conservation Programme leading to Dhole Action Plan
  • dhole hunting prohibited in Russia and Cambodia
  • donate to help with protection of animals, including dhole, on arkive.org

(ARKive and IUCN Red List)

Dholes whistle

Rachel Shin

Group 6 Period 0

Photo Credits

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-photo credit: Traits
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