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marion jones took steroids since sep 2000 - july 2001. jones tolled the jug that she refused to knowingly tacking crud, and that her coach told her that she was tacking flak sine oil and that her coach tooled her not to tell anyone. before jones took PED's she was labeled the gratesed women sprinter alive. jones was paid 50-70 thousand $ to run in races world wide. jones was linked to (BALCO) centre of the steroids scandal in prfashinal sports they found out jones EX husband was also linked to (BALCO). the IOC want bake when they found out that jones took stariodes and striped jones from her medals from 100m, 200m, 1600m, run and her bronzed meatel in long jump and 400m reala. one of jones urin testes came back positive for EPO but then was cleared when the back up came back negative.

jones is the first place winner in this video

1998 Johannesburg Marion Jones 10.65

History Since sports was created over two thousand years ago we have been cheating. coaches have always been searching for loopholes in the IOC ruling system, creating performance enhancing drugs. Cheating and sport science have been intertwined ever since the origin of sport in Ancient Greece.

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