ELD PT and Tech Updates

ELD Canvas Page Updates & CABE resources

ELD Sem 2 Anonymous PT Feedback form for downloading and printing. Please Send to District Office c/o: Mr. Leyba when done administering the ELD Sem 2 PT.

ELD Performance Task Updates

Please click on this link to go to the updated Canvas page for Assessments.

New Additions:

  1. The ELD Sem 2 PT Teacher UbD Resources .pdf(in left box below, for viewing and download only what you will use);
  2. The ELD PT Persuasive Rubrics(SBAC Argumentative and SUHSD Persuasive Products Rubrics: for image, see the Grammar-links picture after this section);
  3. Student Products Matrix( see below image,"argument ELD Products Matrix" are the leveled suggested Part 2 products);
  4. A bilingual Eng/Span YouTube Video (thanks SYHS!) for explaining modals(see hint below to show other languages).

5. The Powerpoints in the ELD 1/2 box(see below) can and should be used for all levels

of ELD 1-8 to help explain the topic of "Rights" and the writing prompt.

Big image

CABE Tech Resources

A great time was had by those attending CABE last week. If you went and can share your feedback of the sessions you attended--please email Lisa Burgess. I will send out more resources from CABE as other teachers send their feedback.

Here is the one freebie that is wonderful to share now.

Many Thanks to Selma Unified Teacher Mr. Tovar for sharing his wonderful resource:


Wonder if an App is worth the money? Or what uses a Free APP has versus another Free APP?

Download the Excel Document to see a well-organized Apps document with links to the itunestore for download ease.

Multilingual Support Skill: view the steps for switching CC languages in a Youtube video

1. Practice by Clicking on the video link in ELD Canvas Assessments Page under "Grammar"

Big image

2. Access the Youtube Subtitles/CC options by clicking on the right bottom tool buttons. "CC" second from left will popup to show Closed Captioning (CC) options). For this video, Spanish is the already set as the default for subtitles in YouTube.

Big image

3. The Spanish default sub-titles can be switched using the "Options" to the right of the Subtitles/CC option. There are so many languages to choose from, including English.

Big image

4. Switch Subtitles Languages via the drop-down "Translate" menu-- highlight: Translate Options" and click "Ok" at top of menu box.

Big image

5. Here the menu of languages starts with "Afrikaans", but I chose "Arabic" Subtitles with a Spanish voice-over, click "OK."

Big image

Arabic subtitles, Spanish/English text in video, Spanish voiceover to explain the English modals grammar skills

PC Users: Free Powerpoint Add-on Download if you have Microsoft Office 2013


This Add-on for your existing Powerpoint streamlines abilities so you can easily add voice-over narration to any Powerpoint. Great for PC desktop creation of student Powerpoints with added narration.