War of 1812

The war made the U.S a world power & sparked national pride.


-impressment was when Britain captured ships and kidnapped sailors

-Britain and France went to war again in 1803 and America declared neutrality and wanted to trade with both. Neither Britain or France accepted neutrality. The Chesapeake affair was in 1807 when a British warship tried to capture the Chesapeake an American warship. The Chesapeake resisted and the British ship fired upon it and kidnapped sailors. Many Americans were furious and called for war.

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Economic Problems: Embargo of 1807

Jefferson proposed an embargo to avoid war. The "Damn-bargo" was an act of 1807; America stopped all trade with Europe. The good result kept American ships safe and avoided war. The bad results with out Europe trade the American economy suffered. The election of 1808; James Madison, A Democratic-Republican was elected president. The American still suffered and many Americans wanted war.
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"War Hawks"

War hawks wanted war against Britain. In 1810, new war hawk congress men from the south and west were elected. Southern Anger Britain had damaged there trade with Europe. Western anger they blamed Britain for Indian attacks on the frontier. Notable War hawks was Henry Clay Later proposed a new economic system for American. They also developed many compromised to prevent civil war.
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Native American Attacks

Americans violated the treaty of Greenville and moved into Indian land. British troops were still in Indian forts and armed Indians to attack America. Tecumseh began recruiting and uniting tribes to protect there lands.Battle of Tippiecanoe William Henry Harrison led troops against Indian crushing tecumseh's movement. Tecumseh fled to Britain owned Canada confirming that Britain was aiding Indians .
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Fighting on The Canadian Border

American and British navies fought on the Great lakes. Americans burned the city of NY, Toronto. Britain tried to invade NY & New England where Federalists were but failed. If Britain would have succeeded, the North & possibly the entire war would have been lost. America tried to invade at 3 locations but failed. Fighting on the border was a stalemate.

Fighting at New Orleans

Britain wanted to capture New Orleans and the Mississippi River to cut off trade. Battle of New Orleans led by Andrew Jackson, American troops beat the British. This battle made Jackson a national hero and inspired nationalism throughout the country.

Effects of the 1812 War

Economy; The factories grew during the war and America depended less on British manufacturing.

Effects of the 1812 War

Politics; William Henry Harrison and Andrew Jackson became hero's. The Federalists looked unpatriotic after the Hartford convention and "died out"

Effects of the 1812 War

Foreign relationships; International respect-America had become a world power.

Effects of 1812 War

Culture; This was the "era of good feeling" . America turned from Europe and looked west to expand. America created a unique culture distinct from Europe.