Steamboat Willie: A New Breakthrough in Motion Picture

The theatres most recent motion picture Steamboat Willie has become notable for being the first cartoon with synchronized sound. The movie is an animated short film directed by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks,and produced by Walt Disney Studios and Celebrity Productions. Though we have seen Mickey Mouse and girlfriend Minnie before , this movie is considered the debut of the characters. This also the first cartoon to have a fully post-produced soundtrack. The soundtrack includes “Steamboat Bill” and “Turkey in the Straw”. The movie got both good and bad reviews when first released this week, but overall there is more good than bad. With these historical breakthroughs I think we will be seeing a lot more of Mickey Mouse and Minnie for years to come.

Louis Armstrong Attends Gatsby’s Extravaganza

The streets of New York were completely empty this weekend. Why? Because everyone was at Gatsby’s biggest party yet. Gatsby is known for throwing large parties with orchestras, but this weekend had the biggest orchestra we’ve ever seen, and Louis Armstrong was seen playing with them. Louis is known for his New Orleans style jazz so it is no surprise that the massive crowd was wild about the music. Crowds of people were everywhere throughout Gatsby’s mansion dancing to Armstrong’s soulful trumpet music that played all through the place.

Armstrong played for about an hour,was seen talking to a few music producers, and then left. Rumours were going around that Gatsby called Armstrong up to his room to shake his hand ,and thank him for playing. Whether or not Louis Armstrong will be attending any more of Gatsby’s parties is unknown,but the partygoers sure hope he will be.