Code Red and Code Red 2 Worm

By Isaac Verploegen and Sabrina Santiago

Code Red

The original Code Red worm initiated a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on the White House. That means all the computers infected with Code Red tried to contact the web servers at the White House at the same time, overloading the machines. This as well as Code Red 2 were found running on Windows 2000 and Windows NT.

Code Red 2

Code Red caused the computer to no longer obey the owner, but be controlled by a remote user. the worm creates a back door into the computer's operating system, allowing a remote user to access and control the machine. In computing terms, this is a system-level compromise. This was bad for the owner, because personal information could be taken an crimes could be committed creating a suspicion of the owner.

The Man who Made it

Max butler made the worms to get peoples credit card info and other private information. He was sentenced to prison for 13 months, he was also known as Iceman and Max Ray Vision.

How many were infected?

359,000 computers were infected in less than 14 hours.

Damage and Costs

It was estimated that over one million of the 5.9 million Microsoft IIS web servers were infected by Code Red. The worldwide cost of the Code Red was $2.6 billion in July and August, which included cleaning and inspecting servers for $1.1 billion dollars and productivity losses of $1.5 billion dollars.

How was the virus stopped?

Microsoft created a patch known as the ISA Server to prevent Code Red from entering the network, and preventing Code Red from spreading to other outside networks if the computer is already infected.
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Interesting info on Max Butler

  • He was a former FBI Informant
  • Heracked up $86 million in fraudulent charges

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