Albrecht Durer

Artist of the Renaissance

Summary of Life:

Albrecht Durer was born in May 21st, 1471 in Nuremberg, Germany. He spent most of his life here (1507-1528) but he did live in Venice (1490-1494) and Florence (1505-1507). He was an apprentice of Michael Wolgemut, who was a Nuremberg artist. He then went on his bachelor's journey. The type of art that he made was engravings, drawings, paintings, and printmaking. 3 of his most famous works are his Self Portrait, The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and Adam and Eve.

Types of Isms:

The Isms that relate to his art are Naturalism and Classicism. This is because naturalism is based on Texture, Light, and things like that. An example of this is his Self Portrait, which has most of these things. Classicism relates to this because his paintings pay attention to details, which Classicism is.
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Self Portrait:

It was created in 1500. It is now located in Alte Pinakothek museum. This picture was innovative because he is facing straight forward, a pose that was usually reserved for Christ.


Albrecht Durer

Self-portrait in a Fur Cloak 1500

Alte Pinakothek, Munich\