Info about Jaguars

Jaguar cubs

Female Jagaursgive birth to up to 4 cubs. The cubs are born blind gaininig eye-sigth after 2 weeks. Cubs stay with there mum for 2 yearsbefore leaving to establish a territory for themsevles.

Jaguar what they eat and how they hunt

As a top-level carnivore, the big cat helps prevents orvergrazing of vegetation by keeping its prey populations in blance.

Jagaurs are known to eat more than 85 species of prey.

The jagaur hunts mostly on the ground, but it sometimes climbs a tree and pounces on its prey from above.

A jaguar can kiil its prey with one big bite.

Where Jaguars live

Jaguars live in swampy places near rivers and lakes.

Where they sleep and how long and when?

Jaguars sleep in long grass or under small trees.

Jaguars sleep for about 18 hours a day.

Jaguars sleep during the day because they are noturnal.

How to help save the Jaguars!

*You could adopt a Jaguar.

*Send a message to the Goverment Leaders.

*Speak up for the wildlife.

*Become a defender of the wild.