Country Profile: India

By: Madison Ripley

Capital of the Country

India's Capital is New Delhi.


1.252 billion people as of 2013.


India's government is federal republic.


The President of India is Pranab Mukhrjee.


India has a capitalist economy.


India's currency is Indian Ruppee. The USA's $1 is the Indian Ruppee's or INR' s 61.44 dollars.

Countries GDP

India is ranked in 10th place for the worlds GDP. India has a GDP of 2,048 USA Dollars.

Literacy and Life Expancy Rates

The literacy rates for India are 62.8% total for the whole country. The life Expancy rates for Male/Female are 66.68/69.06 years old (2014).

Offical Language(s)

Hindi and English are Inida's offical languages.

Tourist Attractions

Historical Events

Current Event

India Elections 2014

In New Dehli there are 788 million people eligible for voting. With the largest Democracy, it's more than double the population of the United States of America.

Is Inida's Country Successful?

No, I feel India is not a successful country, although they are in the 10th highest GDP average, they still have a lot of poverty and could be very successful if the helped those in poverty and grew their economy to the highest of their ability.

Company located in India

ADF Foods Ltd. is engaged in manufacturing a wide range of canned, bottled, and processed vegetables, fruits, and foods for the export and domestic markets.

How could Inida's country improve their economy?

Getting people of the street who are in poverty and putting them through training and working in factories so their family gets income, you the country gets more imports and exports.