"The Escape" Suspense

By: Leyton Manley

One technique the author used

One example is "Then a sound behind him terrified him. It was the sound of those clawed feet. They were following him." This creates suspense because the author explains earlier in the story how he is terrified of the rats, then to hear them chasing you and being so close to the end. That would be scary being chased by a huge horde of some thing that you were really scared of.

Dark, Wet, Lightning, Cold, Damp

Another technique the author used

Another example is "He felt the tunnel grow damper and colder. Just as the tunnel began to grow slimy, it opened up and became wider. Boris stood up on his trembling legs. He tried to see into the darkness ahead." The authors word choice also greatly affects the suspense growing. The description of the small tunnel being dark, wet, and cold is very suspenseful especially not being able to see anything. You also fear the unkown

One last technique the author used

One last example is "He was almost there. He could smell the night air. Boris struggled toward the patch of moonlight ahead of him." "Then a sound behind him terrified him. It was the sound of those clawed feet." "Then he opened his eyes. In front of him, the moon

shone through the bars of a heavy gate." "There was no escape. There was no going back. This was it. Just Boris ... and the rats." Boris was so close to escaping the prison he had a false sense of security thinking he was safe and was going to be okay when he was just trapped with the rats. This makes the reader think whats going to happen to him after that which creates suspense.