Hamline Family Newsletter

October 5-October 9

A Note From Principal Reilly

Greetings Hamline Families,

This past week the question on my mind has been, “What am I supposed to learn in all of this?” This is hard for all of us, and we have to name that. Teachers are struggling and doing their best to ensure they are providing rigorous instruction online, which is a brand new skill set. Parents and families are struggling with managing their jobs, while supporting their children in learning. None of this is easy. Breathe, pause and know we will get through this.

This past week my mother went into the hospital and I wasn't sure I would see her again. It brought me back to what is important. We need one another right now, not to point out how one another has failed, or fallen short, but to build one another up. The weight of our world is on our shoulders and all we have is one another to lean on. Kindness, love and connection is what will get us through these often difficult days. None of us are going to get it perfect, but we will continue to do our best. This is a time to be patient with ourselves and others.

As challenging as 2020 has been, I keep pushing myself to find the silver linings. It is here that I find hope. I wake up each morning and before getting out of bed, I express gratitude for at least three things. This may sound simple, but it helps center my day on what is good in a time when the “hard” can be overwhelming. Today I woke up and said…

  1. I am grateful for another day to see my mother.

  2. I am grateful to hear my daughters laughing, while simultaneously fighting, down the hallway.

  3. I am grateful for the educators I work with who are heroes and show up every day giving it their all, and when one of us is weak WE lean in with strength, compassion and love.

  4. I am grateful for our Hamline families, who despite the challenges, continue to do their best and support their children in learning and have faith in our ability to educate their children.

We are open to, and welcome your feedback. We want to hear it. As with any new experience some things work, and some don't. This is all about being flexible, adjusting and learning and growing together. Please let us know your thoughts. On the Hamline webpage their is a form to fill out if you need support, whether it be academics or more social emotional. https://www.spps.org/hamline . As I have said before, this is about connection and communication. Please reach out if you need anything.

In Partnership,

Principal Kristin Reilly

Distance Learning Resources

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Inquiry Corner

At Hamline Elementary, we are working hard to teach using a style called "Inquiry Based Learning." The word "Inquiry" means to question, so "Inquiry Based Learning" is a type of teaching a learning that encourages student questioning. When the teacher simply tells the student what to do step by step, the student doesn't need to do much thinking. When the teacher guides the activity forward through questions, and encourages the students to ask questions, the students do a lot more thinking and wondering along the way. We are trying to encourage students to develop their thinking and questioning skills, which is helpful in all areas of life as they grow. In the "Inquiry Corner" we will be sharing ways we are working on Inquiry skills at Hamline, and the great things the students are doing!


Reminder to fill out the annual iUpdate student form at Campus Parent. It is important we have updated contact information so you will receive updates from the school. If you need any help with your login or password, email karen.azen@spps.org or leave a message at 651-744-4287.


The weather is cooling and the leaves are changing – it must be time for Walk to School Day! No school, no problem! We’re celebrating Walk/Bike to ANYWHERE week Oct 5-9! Where will you walk?

Learn more: http://www.dot.state.mn.us/mnsaferoutes/news-events/walk-to-school-day.html #mnwalks #SPPSWell #SPPSSafeRoutes

Get ready and help your little one brush up on safe walking skills with Willy Whistle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOzcBegFTMk. #mnwalks #SPPSWell #SPPSSafeRoutes

To Be Black In America

Dealing with the aftermath of the Breonna Taylor decision, our student support team had a long and painful conversation about the role race and privilege plays in our society and how that impacts our students. We decided to lean into this work in order to give voice to and empower students. On Wednesday, October 7th, at noon, fourth and fifth grade Black, Indigenous and/or People of Color, are invited to join a group to discuss race in America. This meeting will be held via google meets and overseen by our student support team.

We are beginning this work in an affinity group which provides an opportunity for students with common identities and shared experiences to come together in a space that is safe and supportive.

- Kalu Abosi, Intervention Specialist

Wellness Matters

This pandemic has changed life the way we knew it. As parents, a lot has been taken off of our plate in terms of driving children back and forth to school, extra-curricular activities and playdates. While many may appreciate that things have slowed down a bit, we also have picked up new roles while still maintaining the family and work. This is leading many parents to feel exhausted and overwhelmed. As a parent or caretaker of young children, I want you to think about how are you taking care of yourself? How are you prioritizing your own mental health and wellbeing? Are there some expectations you are holding on to that are putting more pressure on you? These are some questions to reflect on to help us reimagine how we remember the pandemic year. While so much has been difficult, the silver lining could be how we committed to radical self-care.

- Kaltun Abdikarani, School Counselor

Resource Corner

Did you know that Hamline Elementary has a partnership with Community School Collaborative (CSC) to offer students and their families mental health services? If your child or family could use a little extra support during these challenging times, please talk to a teacher or you can visit our website and fill out a Hamline Request Form for more information. Also see the attached flyer to learn more about CSC.

Lynnette Medcalf/School Social Worker

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About Hamline Elementary

Hamline Elementary is a racially, culturally, and economically diverse community of learners in the heart of Saint Paul's Hamline Midway neighborhood. Our families come from many Saint Paul communities and from all over the world. Our talented and spirited staff bring decades of experience to the classroom; they also bring kind, generous, and joyful hearts. Specialists in physical education, and science create engaging opportunties for discovery and self-expression. And from the front office, to the cafeteria, to everywhere in between, Hamline is positively filled with caring adults and good vibes.