Panama Canal

The panama canal was built to make trade easier for people to trade from the atlantic to pacific. How it works is ships carry goods through the canal to get from the atlantic to pacific easier. It took 10 years to build. The people who built it were panamaian workers. During the construction over 25,000 workers died. The US took control of it in 1999. Till today we still tae good care of the Panama Canal.

Saving the Sloths

The animal I picked was the sloth. Their natural habitat is the tropical forest. The sloths are probaly having a hard time with deforestaion because they live in the trees. They also eat from the trees too. Their whole life is in the trees. The sloths can swim but they are unable to walk. So they would die out soonrer or later if they keep cutting down trees in the Amazon. That is why people should stop cutting down trees in the amazon.


Air Pollution

The concern that I picked is air pollution, because of all of the factories in mexico there is a lot of air pollution. It is not just factories it is that people dump waste outside too.A solution for this concern is that the Government could ask people not to dump waste outside and they could also have less factories. That is a solution for air pollution.

Fun Facts

  1. Mexico is home to the volcano rabbit
  2. Mexico children don't get presents on Christmas
  3. Mexico is located in the "Ring of Fire"
  4. The US uses the canal the most
  5. The Panama Canal transports 4% of world trade and 16% of total US - borne trade