No Mountain too Tall

By Emmi Rivkin

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Imagine your home, stuck in a perilous situation. The invaders could harm your family and disturb your way of life. During the 1960s, this was the reality of my grandfather's life. In order to escape the Czech Republic and find a new home in America for everyone in his family, he needed courage and some clever thinking. Please read on to find out how my grandfather George Ruzicka climbed both this mountain of troubles to leave his home country and some rather dangerous real mountains.
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What Defines a Hero?

In society, the definition of a hero is limited to short, superficial phrases related to bravery and strength. However, someone can be considered a hero through much more complex personality traits. Read the essay below to find out what I consider to define a hero.

A Hero I Cannot Talk To

Even though I was able to talk to my grandfather about his life in order to find out more about him, there are some heroes out of my reach. In addition to finding my grandfather to be a heroic person, Rosa Parks is also someone I consider to be a hero, even though there is no way to talk directly with her.

Delving Deeper

Occasionally, someone will say something that sparks an interest in your mind. During the interview with my grandfather, this flame was lit under the topic of immigration. In order to understand immigration further, I researched the economic impacts of immigration.
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