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October 10, 2018

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Kenzie's Helping Hands

Kenzie Paul is a student digital leader. Kenzie has a passion project and is making a difference for kids with limb differences. If you are unaware of the work Kenzie is doing, you'll want to read about this amazing young lady.

TriState News Story

Kenzie's Helping Hands

Kenzie's Facebook Page

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ICE 2018

Ask these teachers to share what they learned at ICE 2018.

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Google Slides from Kasey Bell

Kasey calls Google Slides, "the Swiss Army Knife for your classroom." Take a look at her very useful tips:

1. How to Make Your Google Presentations Shine

In this post, you can learn how to use free templates and themes to break-up the mundane presentations you see from your students day after day.

2. How to Create eBooks with Google Slides

This is one of my favorite tips! It is so easy to create ebooks in Google Slides. This is a great project idea for individual student projects or collaborative writing projects, you can even have students create their own illustrations. And the little ones can even create picture books!

3. 4 Video Options in Google Slides That Will Make Your Day

Did you know you can tell slides to just show a clip of a video? Yep! You can also choose to mute audio, have a video automatically play, and even use your own videos stored in Google Drive.

4. Teach Like the Tonight Show: Internet Pop Quiz with Google Slides (Teacher Edition)

Bring the fun and laughter of Jimmy Fallon and The Tonight Show into your classroom AND your professional development! In this post, I will show you how to use Jimmy’s Internet Pop Quiz as a model for a “Get to Know You,” game with a Googley twist!

5. Interactive Learning Menus (Choice Boards) with G Suite – FREE Templates

I love learning menus, and it is one of my favorite ways to incorporate student choice and to differentiate learning. And with digital tools like G Suite for Education, it’s super easy to make menus interactive, digital, and more dynamic! Grab a Google Slides template and more!

6. Student-Created Vision Boards with Google Slides

This has been a super popular activity for back to school this year. A student-created vision board is a great way to help students set goals and visualize reaching them! And Google Slides is the perfect tool for student creation.

7. Magnetic Poetry with Google Slides or Google Drawings

Over the years, I have shared a few Magnetic Poetry templates using Slides and Drawings. These tools make it so easy to create interactive learning for students, and not just poetry, all kinds of digital manipulatives!

8. FREE Mini Course: How to Create Magnetic Poetry and Other Interactives

Want to learn how to make your own magnetic poetry and other types of interactive lessons? Jump into my FREE mini-course, How to Create Magnetic Poetry with Google Slides and Drawings.

9. How to Create Your Own “Apps” with Google Slides (FREE Template)

It seems there is always a new way to use it in the classroom and go BEYOND using tools as digital substitutes. In this guest post by Micah Shippee, you can learn How to Create Your Own “Apps” with Google Slides that mimic an app-like experience.

10. 25 Things You Didn’t Know Google Slides Could Do

So this is one of my presentations that I turned into a blog post. These 25 little hacks will rock your world and help you change the way you use Slides in your classroom.

11: Google Slides Can Do Whaaaat??!!!

In this episode of The Google Teacher Tribe Podcast, Matt Miller and I share some of our favorite Google Slides tips and lesson ideas for teachers. Look for this topic again in episode 61 and 62!

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