NCE 5th Grade Newsletter

April 8, 2016

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Reading Round Up

I am so proud of our kids! Last week we took the Math and Reading STAAR test, and I observed the students working hard and staying focused. They gave their best effort, and I know they will give a repeat performance in May when they take the Science test.

We are starting our last major project of the year: the research project. Students are choosing a person of historical significance, and writing a short book about them. The focus of this project for reading is learning how to paraphrase, and the process of gathering and organizing information for a specific purpose. We have discussed what makes a person "historically significant", and the difference between a celebrity and a person who has made a positive contribution of meaning to the world. Students must have a book for one of their references. This may mean a trip to the local library, as our NCE library may not have the person your student chooses.

Writing Notes

This week the students finished up their PSA. They worked so hard on this project. The students really took the time to incorporate effective persuasive techniques into their final piece.

We are moving on to our research project. This project will have writing, as well as reading grades connected to it. They will create a project over a person with historical importance. The students will follow the research process. They will brainstorm, gather articles, paraphrase their findings, and note their sources. The final product will be a book about their person. They will need to explain their person's historical contribution, as well as the impact of the contribution.


Radio PSA by klauden


Radio PSA Speeding by klauden

The 5th Grade Team

Mrs. Griffin

Mr. Krauklis

Ms. Lauden

Mrs. Mata

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Math in a Minute

The students did a great job last week with their Math STAAR Test. The results should be back in a couple of weeks. For the remainder of the year, we will be doing some review as well as starting to introduce some 6th grade concepts. This week, we talked about integers and absolute value. Next there will be a test on Thursday. It will be a cumulative test and cover a little bit of everything we have done this year. Homework will be assigned on Monday and will be due on Thursday.

From the Science Lab

This week we'll be presenting out climate travel brochures and then moving into characteristics of the Earth, Moon, and Sun. We'll be doing a crater formation activity that I hope will make a big impact on the students!

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Social Studies

This week we began our study of the causes of the Civil War. We will be taking notes and exploring this chapter with a visual metaphor- ask your student about Sally and Norm!
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NCE Carnival kicks off tomorrow!

The carnival will be from 5:00-8:30 pm.

There are so many fun and exciting parties and events that the teachers and staff members are hosting. Below is the website to bid online for parties and events:

The online auction will close at midnight on Friday, April 8th.

There will also be auction items at the carnival to bid on.

The 5th grade party will be on April 20th. We will have a video game and pizza party!

Parties and Events:

1. Kooking with Kindergarten (April 15 1:00-3:00) 8 students

2. 1st Grade Ice Cream Social (April 15 1:00-2:30) 10 students

3. 2nd Grade Finding Nemo Pizza and PJ Party (April 15 12:45-3:15) 10 students

4. 3rd Grade Movie and Ice Cream Sundae Party (April 15 1:00-3:00) 8 students

5. 4th Grade Movie, Pizza and Ice Cream Sundae Party (1:00-3:00) 8 students + 8 (4th grade NCE) friends

6. Bookworm Delight (Date and time TBD) 4 students individually

7. Star Wars Themed Open Gym Party (April 15 12:40-3:00) 12 students + 12 (NCE) friends

8. Drill Team Dance Party (April 15 12:40-2:00) 15 students

9. 5th Grade Basketball Game (May 6) 12 students

10. 5th Grade Basketball Game Cheerleader (May 6) 6 students

11. 5th Grade Basketball Game Mascot (May 6) 2 students

12. 5th Grade Kidnap Breakfast (Date TBD - before school day) 12 students

13. 5th Grade Video Game and Pizza Party (April 20 3:45-5:00) 10 students

14. Super Specials Sundae Party w/Music, Gym, and Art (April 14 4:00-5:00) 8 students

15. Picnic with Principals (Date and time TBD) 10 students + 10 (NCE) friends