Wilson Weekly

Week of November 5th, 2018

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Voting Challenge...

We didn't just "meet" our challenge... we knocked it out of the park!

Enjoy jeans the month of November. If you are one of the few that have yet to vote, remember your last chance will be this coming Tuesday. You will have to vote at your precinct. If you need help finding a time to vote, let me know!

Way to go Wilson!

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Action Items

  • Thanksgiving Feast - Please be sure to include the Invite (found below) in your newsletters. We've extended lunch times a bit to allow for a little more time between grade levels.
  • ARD Invites - If you notice that you receive an ARD invite for a Team Time day, feel free to deny the invite. Pilar will gladly look for another day!
  • TOY Nomination - We are extending the deadline for nominations through tomorrow. As of right now, we only have 1 submission. Please consider nominating a deserving peer!
  • PTO Auction Items - Please review the list sent by Kristy this past week. Any changes/updates should be communicated to her by this coming Wednesday!
  • Election Day - If you haven't yet, don't forget to vote on Tuesday! Wilson will serve as a polling site from 7-7 that day. Please see below for some important details.
  • Ed Foundation Super Stars - The deadline for nominations is this coming Friday. Because they cut down on the number of times they are recognizing learners each year, they will recognize 2 kids per grade level. Please use the button below to make sure your team has nominated at least 2 kids per grade level by this Friday.
Red & Black Super Star Nomination

Please make sure your team has nominated at least 2 kids by Friday.

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Election Day Details

Since we will serve as a polling site and the Gym will be used all day, there are some necessary changes we'll need to make on Tuesday.

  • Traffic - The Polls open at 7:00. I anticipate there may be a higher volume of traffic that day.
  • Arrival - Kids will go straight to class when they arrive starting at 7:20. Please be ready to greet kids then!
  • Specials - PE will drop-off and pick-up at the Music Room.
  • Dismissal - Kinder-2nd will have to dismiss from the grassy area in front of the school. There will be cones for each section, and classes will line up just like in the Gym. K-2 will need to exit as a class from the front door or from A Hall (avoiding the Gym). You will then wait on the grassy area by your cone as kids are called as usual. All other dismissal will stay the same.

There will be police presence throughout the day. If you become aware of any issues/concerns given the additional people on campus that day, please contact the Office.


Poverty Tidbit

Dr. Ruby Payne: How to Leave Poverty

Counseling Strategies & Resources Speaker Dr. Ruby Payne's research shows that the transfer of knowledge between generations is critical to helping students out of poverty.

Dr. Payne cites 10 Dynamics of Poverty that Undermine School Success and some tips for schools. Here are a few:

  • Resources of the Household: Resource analysis is important because it suggests where to make interventions. Schools can be more successful if they know the resources of students, then base interventions on available resources.
  • Executive Function Processing: EEG scans with poor children show that the prefrontal cortex of the brain in poor children was undeveloped and resembled brains of adults who have had strokes. Schools can directly teach planning and procedural steps and systematic processes (writing process, problem-solving process etc.)
  • Differences Between School Rules and Rules Outside School:Different environments require different responses or “hidden rules.” Ex: If you are going to survive in a generational poverty neighborhood, you must know how to physically fight. But if you bring fighting into school, you are suspended or expelled. Schools should teach the hidden rules of school to students so they also can negotiate the environments of school and work.

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Parent ESL Classes

Interested in leading some after school ESL Classes for Wilson parents? Here are the details:

  • $25 per hour
  • You can set your own days/hours
  • Materials are provided
  • You can host them alone or with a partner.

If you're interested, please email Jennifer and me!

Great Expectations Debrief

I wanted to share a few details from our GE Coaching day this past Tuesday...

First off - I want to give a big shout-out for all of the ways that you were putting the GE Practices into action. A few of the things ReGina commented on were: the amount and quality of learner work displayed (AND educator feedback), the high level of communications skills from our learners, and the level of critical thinking present in classrooms.

Secondly - Our next steps will include some team coaching. We will be working on a schedule to allow you and your team to visit other classrooms and gather evidence of the Practices in action. Please mark your calendars for December 11th, and do not plan any meetings or conferences. Each time will go during their conference period and participate in a protocol led by ReGina.

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Readers Workshop Apps

Several of you have heard about an app that Karen Clinkscales and Bliss Frey use to organize their notes from reading conferences. They like the ease of use with a page for each learner, the date tracking, and the ability to record learners reading within the notes. Unfortunately, it is not free...
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There is a free app specifically for reading conferences called Literator. You enter your learners and their reading levels and it gives you a list of teaching points for that level. It is aligned to Fountas & Pinnell and will give teaching ideas for skills learners are struggling with.
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If you have any questions or ideas for conferring with learners, please let me know!


Week At A Glance


  • College Day
  • Specials Team Time
  • 4th/5th DLI Planning @ DCE


  • Ed Foundation Shirt Day
  • 3rd Team Time
  • Election Day! - see above for details
  • Cooper off campus for training


  • 4th Grade Team Time
  • Kids of Character Breakfast
  • Cooper off campus for training
  • Faculty Meeting - 3:30


  • 5th Grade Team Time
  • Kinder Parent Night - 5:00-7:00
  • 5th Grade Allaso Ranch Parent Night - 6:00-7:00


  • Veterans Day Ceremony - 8:00
  • SuperStar Nominations Due

Looking Ahead... 4th/5th Progress Report Grades due on Nov 12th