About Me

Tamara Green


My name is Tamara. I am a senior Early Childhood/SPED major. I will be 20 in July. I am a transfer from a small school in Wisconsin. I have two siblings, both younger than me. I love my family and extended family (19 cousins!). I have moved over a dozen times and lived in Georgia, Colorado, and Pennsylvania. I enjoy most any outdoor activity. I also love reading and photography. I just got engaged on Saturday and I can't wait to be married!!

Identity Marker #1

The first identity marker that I chose is religion. I am a born-again Christian. I became a Christian at the age of three when I was shown the way of salvation from the Bible. I chose this marker because it is the most important in my life.

Identity Marker #2

The second identity marker that I chose is region/geography. I am fortunate to have been born and grown up in the United States. I think that this gives me a different worldview than those who are not born in a free country. I think this heavily impacts my identity and how I see the world and others. Also, living in a few different states and traveling has allowed me to see diversity within our own country.