By: Kason Kreis

Little Bugs

There are these "little bugs" that can get in your computer that come to make your life miserable. Malware such as viruses, Trojan Horses, spyware, and many more can allow someone to take your information. You must be computer smart to keep these bugs away from you, and stop people from accessing your private information.

Different types of Malware.


Viruses are spread through contact. What that means is interaction with someone else using emails, and sharing documents play huge parts in how viruses spread. Viruses make copies of themselves in the process, and can mess your computer up. You should get an AntiVirus program to get rid of them quickly, and be careful of what you do.

Trojan Horse

Have you heard of the story of the Trojan Horse, when the Greeks gave the city of Troy a wooden horse, as a peace treaty, and a surrender, but there were people inside the horse who opened the gate to Troy to allow the Greece to attack? The same is for Trojan Horses of the internet. Trojan Horses are programs that at first seem alright, like a game, or a link to a website, but allow some other person access to your computer. You should prevent them from attacking by getting a firewall for your computer.


Finally spyware can get into your computer without you even noticing. It can secretly obtain personal information, which is not good when you are doing something important on the computer. One of the best ways of keeping this one away from you is to use a firewall and an AntiVirus program to help detect problems.

Most importantly, use common sense! Do not click on anything that doesn't seem right, and if it is too good to be true, IT IS!