2016-2017 #2

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Amazing first full week! Thank you for all your hard work revamping Curriculum Night. It was a success for many reasons. A survey will be developed to capture the perception from our families.

Welcome Back Ice Cream Social was well attended! Thank you to all my ice cream scoopers!

FAPES schedule went very well. Please add your book checkout and lab times by the end of the week.

Are you writing your 6 Word Memoirs?

Bring your journal and name tag to our Professional Learning session on the 20th.

Thank you for all your hard work. Remember to take one day at a time... on your way home each day, reflect over how you positively touched the life of another, then give yourself a hug!



5th Amy Lane

27th Liz Pace

28th Sara Bruckman


19th Playground para Meeting 10:00 - 10:30

19th Secretary Meeting 11:30 - 1:30

20th *1/2 Day for Students

20th LAYA Taste of the Lakes 5:00 - 8:00 pm @ Edgewood Country Club

21st Michelle @ Leadership, 7:30-10:30, ESC

22nd SIPP ½ day 12:30 - 3:50

26th PTSA Council Meeting @ Glengary

28th Michelle @ CITA, 10:45-2:00, ESC

28th Spirit Wear oders are due

29th Guest Picture Day

29th SIPP - NO substitute - see sign-up

30th Substitute folders due



  • Please walk students to recess doors and pick them up there as well
  • If your students eat second; grades 3, 4 & 5 be sure you arrive in the cafeteria at least 3 minutes early to help monitor students
  • Students must be ready when our dismissal process begins
  • Get your classroom REMIND set-up
  • Up-date websites
  • Lesson plan/schedule due date coming soon


  • MSTEP Parent letters - reports will be sent home next week - SENT HOME
  • Emergency Drill Schedule - COMPLETED
  • Bus Duty Schedule -
  • Social Committee changes
  • New daily announcements that includes CD and Growth Mindset language, etc.
  • Plans for Oct 7th Homecoming at WLC
  • Plans for the District-wide open house on October 23rd

September 20th Professional Learning 1/2 Day

Our first professional learning half day will take place Tuesday, September 20th. This will be a District designated professional learning half day with the our focus on ELA Assessment Shifts and the new Lucy Calkins Writing Checklists and Rubrics for Writing.

All FAPES and Special Services staff including ancillary staff, will work with their department teams that day. Please see details from Sheryl Brown and FAPES Department chairs.

All teachers will need to register for the 3-hour PD session on Tuesday. This course is for CORE elementary teachers only: Catalog number in KALPA is 767022 . Separate courses for special education, encore, etc. have been entered in KALPA, but I don't have the catalog numbers.

Remember that students will be dismissed at 12:09 PM on Tuesday. Buses should be rolling out by 12:14. I will type up a dismissal lineup.

We will begin our work together at 1:00 PM and work until 4:00 PM in the Media Center. Please bring your writing kits with you and your laptop.

Lunch is on your own right after students are dismissed.

Please make sure parents are well aware of this half day in your communications with them. Special thank you to AMY LANE & SARA BRUCKMAN who will be facilitating this important afternoon of learning.


To increase communication and reinforce home-school relationships, this school year we want to have three things in place.



& updated Websites & Staff Profiles


It is so great to see so many teachers tweeting great learning activities happening with students. Families are really beginning to catch on as well!

Remember, we want to tell our story! Tweet out interesting learning activities happening in your classrooms. If you need help getting started, please see a fellow staff member. Many are already on their way! Don't forget to include the following tags in your tweets:





Another great communication tool is REMIND.


You can have a grade level website that has links to your blogs, etc. Whatever works for you. Think about how you can get the attention of your families and students. This is where you can tell your story and influence your students, provide resources, etc.


Just a quick reminder that the annual Taste of the Lakes is Tuesday September 20th at Edgewood CC and we look forward to another great turnout and raising lots of $$$ to help with the programs that are offered to our schools. You can buy tickets at the door.

5:00 - 8 :00


The iReady diagnostic window 1 will be open until Oct. 28.


Many staff members have replied to Lynne that they are planning to attend the the Cultures of Thinking Workshop taking place at Oakland Schools. Per our Unconference discussion, this year we committed to learning more about Creating Cultures of Thinking by attending workshops, reading, dabbling, etc. thank you! Please be sure to sign up to hear Ron Ritchhart, the author of the book Creating Cultures of Thinking and other books. We look forward to bringing back and sharing our learning.

Thank you LYNNE for sharing this workshop with staff and encouraging staff to attend.


Resources Shared link from Shellie -



Don't forget to join the PTA! We would like to have 100% staff participation again this year. If you have already done this-THANK YOU!

COMMUNICATION FROM EDUSTAFF - EDUStaff, Third party substitute teacher and para educator company

This communication comes to you in an effort to show how we are consistently working to improve not only the quantity, but quality of our substitute teachers. Each month, an email blast will be delivered to our subs that include a new “SubTalk” video. The topics are varied, but all include growth opportunities and tips on achieving success in the classroom.

As we continue to develop additional “talks”, we invite you to view the 2016-17 series below (each one is under 5 minutes in length). Feel free to pass along to others who might find it helpful. We welcome your feedback and/or topic suggestions as well!

August: The Professional Guest Teacher & The Role of a Paraprofessional

September: Basic Classroom Management

October: Strategies for a Better Classroom

November: How to Handle a Confrontational Student

December: Winter Time Tips

January: Appropriate touch in the classroom

February: Spring Time Will Come!

March: How to be a Preferred Sub in a District

April: SubTalk Reflections

May: Social Media & Students


OVER NIGHT - OUT OF THE COUNTRY - based on last year's experiences and uncertain times, Walled Lake will approve overnight and out of the country field trips, but are now requiring that trip insurance is mandatory. Be sure to include the trip insurance in the overall trip cost before submitting field trip forms for approval and holding parent meetings. The district does reserve the right to cancel any trip based on security threats and would feel horrible if families had to lose money; hence the reason for trip insurance.

2016-2017 iGUEST iNFO - REPEATED

PLEASE REVIEW: Some items we need some conversation around... we will just have to go with what we have in place for now.


  • Michigan Law-Public Act 187 requires:

  • 2 Epinephrine Auto Injectors

  • 2 Employees Trained under certified nurses

  • Authorizes trained employees to administer (EAI) diagnosed and un-diagnosed

  • Parents must be contacted if injected


  • Check expiration dates of EAI at least 2 times per year

  • Policy Development

  • Reporting & Documentation

  • Need to develop a crisis plan


  • First two weeks of school. All support/non-classroom teachers report for morning arrivals and dismissals – Alpha lists will be available. I will put together a schedule after the first week of school.

  • Wildcat Pick-Up

    • Students will report to room 9

    • Adult will radio to person in room 9 the car numbers

    • Adult in room 9 will call out the number and then the student is dismissed

    • We will need an extra adult helping in room 9 until expectations are set

    • Safety patrol students, Mrs. F-L, House, and Klein will be outside every day

  • Classroom teachers Please walk your children to their buses. I would like you at the front of the line.

  • Dismissal line-up will be created. Remember we will start early the first few days of school

  • Bus duty schedule will be updated. Please be on time when reporting for morning and afternoon bus duty, and find a replacement if you cannot fulfill your duty.


  • Heather has a more systematic way to communicate excessive absences and/or tardiness with our families.

  • Tardiness - No one will receive a tardy slip from the office until after 9:10 Do not communicate this time to our students or families because they may think their child can come in late. Rationale: students will be spending more time waiting for a tardy slip and could already be in class learning. If you notice students coming in late, but before 9:10, please mark tardy in Skyward. If you have already taken attendance, Sherry usually catches this and changes it in the system - please double check.

  • Excessive tardiness and/or absences - Anyone showing a pattern (5-7 tardies and/or absences), please contact the parents and document. That is the first step according to Board Policy. If nothing improves, send me the documentation and I will call the parents. That is the second step along with a letter.

  • Complete your attendance before 9:30am. Sherry or Heather will go in and change a student’s attendance if they come in after 9:30am.

  • Morning Rituals & Greeting prove to decrease tardiness… be ready to share your engaging activities with staff


  • The district has a usage agreement for all students to sign

  • NO longer use as a fundraiser

  • We have more Chromebook carts


  • Classroom doors - you may NOT tape anything to the inside or outside of your classroom doors - please remove if you already placed items on doors

  • No tape on carpet for any reason because it leaves a residue

  • We cannot have any hooks in the hallways. I need to meet with all classroom teachers regarding your current closets so they can be updated with hooks and perhaps another shelf. We are looking at purchasing bags that students can keep snow gear in so it is gathered together - many details to work out.

  • Extra furniture, materials, and supplies will be stored in receiving and some in room 9. We are in the process of cleaning the boiler room and receiving

  • Room 9 will house all our donations for the event Fill a Bag for $1.00


  • Grades 3 – 5 please pick students up at their table. Students will be dismissed to clean their area and then asked to sit back down until teachers arrive. Please be on time so the process is efficient.


  • One person per grade level should keep the original

  • If there is an incident, read over the definition to determine if documentation is warranted and then discuss with Michelle

  • Collected at the end of the school year


  • Always check the school-wide event calendar before you plan an event and then email Michelle so all dates are added to The LOOP & Newsletter

  • Any classroom events, please provide the office with all details so we are able to answer any question. for our file

  • ALL events must be shared with Heather so she can put them in the system.


  • Carts must be stored in your classrooms

  • We are getting an extra 20 Chromebooks to share

  • Do not put any tape on the Chromebook cords or carts per the district

COPYING & PRINTING - With our new technology, we should see a vast decrease in the amount of paper used

  • This is a huge problem - Paper continues to eat up MOST of our budget and we continue to have a lot of wasted paper. Below is a list of ideas to help conserve. Thank you in advance for making the necessary changes.

  • Expectations:

    • Do not make multiple copies on the printers. Sometimes it does not print out the way you would like and then paper is wasted…print one and then make copies.

    • When applicable, tests/pre-tests should be taken on the computer

    • Consider what can be made into half sheet instead of using an entire page

    • The first two newsletters will be printed for all students. The office plans to have families let them know who needs a hard copy. Others can access the newsletter on the website and I will send via Skylert.

    • When possible, make one copy and use classroom technology to share on white board. Students can use a response journals, white boards, etc.

    • Please try to avoid copying paper with lines for students to write on. It is cheaper to use spiral notebooks and/or filler paper

    • Always double side when possible

    • Do not copy emails – read and put in a file – if you have to copy, set it so the last page or signature pages are not printed

    • Colored copies must be limited – small photos/icons only

    • Find other uses for scrap paper

    • Let’s discuss other ideas together

  • No construction paper in the copiers

  • New Technology will help


  • Personnel will accept completed forms 10 days prior to an event. If parents volunteer at the school, then send those forms in right away. Otherwise, hold on to the rest until 10 days before the event.

  • We only need to process a background check when a volunteer solely supervise (potential to be alone) with students during activities, trips, or programs. When a parent volunteers in a classroom party or special event where the teacher is present at all time, we DO NOT need to process of background check.

CURRICULUM NIGHT (more to come)

  • Please submit materials to Michelle before CN

  • Students will be invited - communication will go home soon. You can also advertise.

  • Items to share with families - All Grade Levels

  • EM4 information, passwords, etc.

  • Lice - discuss it happens to many and we are a nit free school... help take the stigma out of getting lice - How to be Proactive

  • PTA - we need of volunteers – please have a sign-up out asking for volunteers to help with PTA events (name, number, email, interests). Thanks for any help you can provide recruiting new families.

  • Non-edible birthday treats – for all grade levels

  • Quickly review the brochure from the Transportation Department

  • No birthday invitations allowed at school or on the bus for the consideration of all students.

  • Suggested snack list - Ask parents to send in a healthy, peanut free snack.

  • Communication: website, skylerts either voice or email, newsletters, REMIND, teacher specific

    • Ask parents if they are not receiving my emails they should check to see if they have WLCSD Blocked and/or check in Family Access making sure their email address is correct.

  • PTA and School Website is packed with information to stay connected and will be changing October 1st to a new platform that is easy to navigate.

  • Ask families to request to be part of our PTA FACEBOOK page.

  • Attendance – alert your families that after 5 absences and/or tardiness, they will be receiving a letter as a way for us to communicate. Discuss the importance of being on time for school. By 8:55am students will be marked tardy. Additionally, if students leave before 3:59 (?) pm, they are marked early dismissal.

  • Title I

  • Join PTA

I will continue to update as more information comes to mind, or if you think of something, please forward.


  • Fill out and give to Sherry ASAP - next year this will be a Google Form


  • Read over the document Diversity Sensitive School Calendar


  • All drills have to scheduled in advance. Heather is our key person working with the county. I am working on a schedule.


  • Walled Lake Missionary Church


  • The first week we will follow a ‘mock’ schedule

  • Mary Jo is working on the final schedule, and then Sara Bruckman, Mary Jo, Monica, and I will hopefully have a DRAFT of the final schedule to you by Sept. 9th. We will run through it and make adjustments as needed and then finalize and make copies.


  • “Count on Me” Program is giving a BUCK a pay – please consider giving $1.00/pay to the FFE. If you are already in the program, thank you!!

  • Details are all on the website.


  • See Sherry for your badge. You may not alter your badge in any way, however, you can use any lanyard you would like.

  • Non-working badges: before you report your badge as not working, make sure you hold the card in front of the reader for up to 3 seconds (these are “swipe” cards). Try it a few times. If the card is not working at all,, please contact Michelle and I will let Diane Kochis so it can be addressed. Cards that do not work at all, not even on the front door, should be reported to me. Cards that work on some doors, but do not provide appropriate access for an employee to carry out their duties should be reported via School Dude. Carl is working very hard to address needed access on individual cards, and operations is tracking this type of request through School Dude. Again, let Michelle know.


  • Mark Hess has mentioned numerous times he will be presenting/sharing important information via Monday Minute – please be sure to read over.

    • iReady

    • iCOUNCIL




    • MSTEP

    • RtI (SIPP) in Skyward

    • BYOD

    • BA updates

    • Etc…


  • Office will continue to give out pencils and say names over the announcements. We need to stay united on this policy


  • Professional dress

  • Name badges

  • Up-dated websites – blogs, etc.

  • Greeting students at the door

  • Visibility

  • Be on time picking students up at FAPES, BLOCK & Lunch – if you are running late, ask a colleague to help or contact the office

  • Use notes when sending students to office. Younger students need to come down with a buddy

  • Try every trick known to determine if a student is truly ill before sending to the office… once they are in the office it is difficult to change their mind about going home when it is not necessary.

  • Casual for a cause stickers – Fridays only unless arranged for other days

  • Follow meeting norms

  • Custody – don’t take sides – use only objective data – written letters put you in a position of being called into court

  • Clean up after yourself in the Lounge and copy room

PBIS PROGRAM - READ over your planning document from CD - WE have some work to do

  • Continue transitioning to Conscious Discipline

  • According to a discussion we had at Non-violent crisis intervention, the school needs to maintain a system using referrals. We will continue with Oops slips and our yellow and red referrals - WE WILL PLAN TO HAVE A CONVERSATION SO WE ARE CONSISTENT

  • Wildcat Pledge will remain the same this school year…perhaps we would like to tweak it a bit for the following year; still using the terms of being SAFE – RESPECTFUL & RESPONSIBLE, but adding something about reaching daily goals???

  • New Daily announcement format - COMING SOON - Along with students doing announcements

  • Posters need to be fixed and hung-up


  • Please review guidelines for specific religious/other holidays as they approach. We want to be sure we are being sensitive to all diverse needs

SKYWARD RtI/SIPP - Waiting for the a directive from the District - STAY TUNED... below is the ultimate goal.

  • Skyward will be used for SIPP documentation, planning and monitoring

  • Training will take place this school year. The district is in the process of setting up a timeline. We will continue to follow the same process as last year and slowly implement using Skyward for documentation.

  • Tentative timeline:

    • End of September introduce to SIPP Support Team and two other staff members

    • October – SIPP Support Team attends grade level BLOCK and help grade levels begin to dabble with the process

    • November – December each staff member makes one referral (this is NOT a special education referral)


  • Updated list of responsibilities coming out soon


  • Encourage all students to keep their stickers on.

  • You will have other stickers to put on students for Wildcat Pick-up, Prime Time, and Walkers


  • Extra supplies bring to the office

  • Help yourself to supplies located in the copy room. The cupboard is labeled. If you don’t see what you need, ask the office. If we don’t have the supply/ies, we will do our best to place an order.


  • Please update your phone message

  • Let someone know if you need help getting your REMIND set-up


  • Please work together to update and keep current

  • Some folks have asked for PD on websites & blogging – we will set that up


  • Let the office know if you need a copy.

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