level 1 IT

Google hangouts and the units

Google hangouts

google hangouts is where all of your mates or class or business log into google hangouts once your logged in to it someone needs to start the group chat and invite everyone that's with you once they have joined they will be in the chat and they need either a camera or webcam so that you can see them and chat to them its abit like Skype or face time.

Level 1 IT units

the units in Level 1 IT are can be quite simple depending on what unit it is. when doing a unit there will be a work sheet on each bit that you will you need to do then after you finished all work sheets you do a sheet called the car where you fill out each box answering the questions on your work then there will be a submit button where you submit your work to your teacher for her to mark and wit for feedback then do anything she tells you do on your work.
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