by Ava.m

What is a dolphins habitat

Dolphins habitat is in small places like Yangtze River and Primarily fresh water and new Zealand. There shelter is where a little bit of water around the Ocean is also full of salt.
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Did you know?

Did you know dolphins can be different colors like pink black and white and many other different colors. Their can be many reasons for dolphins to be a different colors than other dolphins they can be from another state or even another country or they could even be sick dolphins their can be many different reasons for color.

Dolphins with family

Dolphins like to stick together and baby dolphins do to they always wanna help other dolphins they really wanna help their family like when their mom is stuck in the ocean the baby will always help their family.
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dolphins helping others


dolphins can teach them self's how to do many thing that other dolphins just can"t do
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Baby dolphin just being born