Wanted - The Common Cold

By: Landree Yocom


A viral infection of the upper respiratory system, that includes the nose, throat, and also sinuses.

How the Virus Attacks and Spreads

The Common Cold virus usually enters the body through the nose. It is then transported to the back of the nose and attaches to the receptor cite of a nasal cell. The virus invades/attacks using the lytic cycle. When the cycle is completed the host cell dies and ruptures releasing 10+ new common cold viruses to start the process over again.
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Where it is most likely to be found

The virus is most likely to be found in the nose and nasal secretions.

Most Common Injury Done to Victim

Sneezing, runny nose, headache, sore throat, coughing, and feverishness.

Is it considered armed and dangerous? Rate the degree of damage caused.

I would consider the Common Cold virus armed but not dangerous because it is only a mild virus. i would rate the degree of damage a 4-5 because it is mild, and rarely sever.

Most effective weapons against the germ any other identifying characteristics.

Lots of rest is needed when treating a cold. 12 hours of sleep a night will help. Also drinking water and staying hydrated will help to not get congested. Since there is no cure for the virus you will need to identify if you have the virus. Some identifying characteristics are, sneezing and a runny nose (frequently).


Most Common Victims

Humans, there are millions of cases in the U.S each year.