Classical Conversations Week 6

To Know GOD and Make HIM Known


"I will remember the works of the LORD: surely I will remember thy wonders of old."

Psalm 77:11 (KJV)

Foundations to Challenge

History helps students understand God's providential plan and make sense of the political systems, religious beliefs, and societal institutions that we see around us. Many of the foundational ideas of our culture come from the Romans. In Foundations this week, you will finish your overview of the Roman Empire. In Challenge II, students translate passages from Caesar's Gallic Wars. They begin the year with a comparison of three leaders: Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Christ. Students meet up with Caesar again in Challenge III Shakespeare.

As students grow up in the Challenge program, they get the unique perspective of integrating their Latin, literature, and history. You can read a student's perspective on high school Latin in Anna Harvey's article "Why Study Latin: A Student's View".

Wondering how all these Foundation facts play into Challenge? Check out this video of an interview with a Challenge IV student who started Foundations when she was 9.

Ask Homeschooled Students: Why CC & the Challenge level? (Amanda, Ch3)

Break Week/Tutor Meeting

No Community day October 26th. Enjoy your break!

Tutor meeting at Faith Baptist 9:00-11:30 am.

Tin Whistle

We will begin our 6 weeks unit on the tin whistle on November 2. Don't forget to pack your tin whistle in your backpacks. If you do not have one yet, be sure to order one for each student soon. You can purchase them through the book store. If you get one somewhere else be sure it is the key of D.

Week 7 Science we will be dissecting a crayfish!

Classical Conversations Preposition Song
You can slow down videos on youtube! Just go to settings, speed, and choose your speed.
Prepositions Hand Motions

Here is a list of the hand motions used in the Prepositions Song.

Nursery notes

Please remember, the nursery is nut-free.

Please send nut-free snacks with your child if they are in the nursery. Mrs. Burns will not be able to give your child their snack if it contains nuts.

Also, be sure you are packing everything your child needs for the day... diapers, wipes, extra clothes, sippy cups and nut-free snacks.

Essentials Week 6

EEL Homework:
  • Continue to work towards mastery of Charts A, B, C, D, E and F.
  • Copy Charts G and F
  • Week 6 Sentences 1-3 Analytical tasks 1-4
  • Weekly Editing Exercises P.111
Capitalization and Punctuation Rule 6 (pg. 457) Spelling Rule 6 (pg. 463)

Homophones 6 (p. 485)

  • Optional Spelling List 6 pg. 469

IEW Homework:

  • Lesson 10 The Handwriting on the Wall (AHBW pg. 100)

Remember to add the dress-ups to every paragraph.

Banned verbs: go/went, come/came, say/said, get/got

  • New vocabulary words
  • Optional vocab quiz


TWSS Syllabus, Unit 3

Recorded Webinar Unit 3

AHBW Schedule

Unit 3

Week 6 Lesson 10 The Fall of Babylon

Narrative stories and Alliteration (8)

Conversations in Stories (9) and Similes and Metaphors (Advanced) (10)

Week 7 Lesson 11 and 12 The Trojan Horse

3 Short Staccato Sentences (11) and Because Clause (12)

Unit 4

Week 8 Lesson 13 Words from Greek Myths: Tantalize


Week 9 Lesson 14 Athens

Quality Adjectives (15)

www . asia . b clause (17)

Unit 4 and 5 DVD Viewing

Thursday, Nov. 5th, 6:30-9:30pm

2029 South Shaw Avenue

Sioux Falls, SD

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