Virginia & Massachusetts bay



There were large social class differences due to; the head right system that favored the rich, the indentured servants that were so poor that they had to pay in labor, unlike the slaves that were the lowest class the indentured servants got to leave at a certain time.

In today's USA people with more money tend to have more land and have maids and butlers. People with less money tend to struggle more and have to work for the rich.

Massachusetts bay

Massachusetts bay

There wasn't a large social class difference like in Virginia. Massachusetts bay weren't there for the same reasons, they were there to create a city upon a hill (puritans). In Massachusetts bay you had saints and non saints. everyone who was a saint or gods elect got to "be apart of the church/town" if you weren't then you would have to wait until you had a conversion experience. 70% of the Puritans were saints.

Religion has affected USA so much. We base our votes off of our beliefs, we go to social gatherings to talk about our beliefs. RELIGION; a pursuit or interest to which someone ascribes supreme importance.