Chisholm Trail High School

Leading Rangers

Off to a great start!!!

We all survived the first week of school and from what we have seen and heard, each of you are doing a great job building relationships with the students (#marigold). As we all know, this is a very important step to increasing student success.

This month, we will touch on open house, grades, and making sure you have done all you can to ensure your students earn credit.

Below are some pictures of some of the great work we have seen so far from our great mentees! Keep up the great work! #RangersLead

Important Technology


It is time to begin looking at the grades you have in Skyward and ensuring that you are able to input them prior to next week (progress reports). It is recommended to have at least one if not two major grades in the gradebook by the three week mark so you are able to have discussions with those students who are not performing at their most productive level.

General Guidelines:

You will need 3 major grades prior to the end of the six weeks.

There should be around 3 minor grades for every 1 major. (A typical six weeks ends with around 10 minor grades).

Remember to contact parents/guardians if students are failing at the 3-week mark.

If you need assistance with adding assignments, please speak with your neighbor or your mentor, we are always willing to help.

PDAS Self-Report I

PDAS Self-Report I is due by September 11th.

To complete this report, you will login to eduphoria and follow the prompts until you get to the third picture below. At that point, you will enter your objectives for the year (use the forethought button to import your TEKS) and describe the assessment resources you use with your students. Then you will Submit Section I.

Step 1: When you login to Eduphoria, you will click PDAS on left hand side of screen.

Step 2: Under PDAS, you will click on PDAS 2015-16 Self-Report.

Step 3: You will then complete Objectives and Assessment processes.

Step 4: Submit Section 1


If you have not seen or heard about this app, it is a great tool that allows students to respond to questions or ask questions. This is an excellent way to get those all students, even those who are to nervous to ask questions, involved.

You create the padlet, then have students scan the QR code or go to the website and type in their answer/question. This has been used in Physics and English and opens up class discussions.