January in Review

Who's ready for February??

February Specials

Top in Sales

Kate Stines-$2440.95

Kelly Klein-$2420.50

Ivey Carroll-$1332.00

Michelle Stines-$931.10

Tammy Fuqua-$915.00

Amy Dluhy-$717.36

Stacey Gantt-$658.00

Danielle Vinson-$598.40

Christie Thompson-$587.50

Erica Burton-$510.50

**The really EXCITING thing here is that if each one of these Stylists sell at least $500 in Feb. and March, they will EACH receive a $100 product credit to use on the Summer Collection coming in April (ladies, you will be soooo glad you did this!)**

Top in Sponsoring

Kate Stines, 4

Amy Dluhy, 1

Danielle Vinson, 1

Pearl Bell, 1

Final Notes:

I want to really encourage EACH of you to attend a Boot Camp in your area!!

Lastly, I'm wanting to do more Incentives (stay tuned) so I've thought about a way to stretch my budget on this & make it work...I'm going to wait until the end of each month so I save on shipping & in return can invest more for YOU!!!

Happy February!!!