Ms. McElroy's Syllabus

2013-2014, 8th Grade American History

Welcome to 8th Grade American History!

Hello! I am excited to be your child's American History teacher for the 2014-2015 school year! I am working to making this year exciting, fun, and challenging! I look forward to exploring our country's history and its relevancy of the world today. I am also looking forward to introducing ideas of social justice and community action into our class! This year we will cover the founding of our country through the Civil War, which is one of the most exciting time periods! I hope to be able to communicate my love for history to your students and show them how important our countries history is!

Expectations for Sucess

Classroom Expectations:

  1. Be on time and in class every day.
  2. Come to class organized with the correct materials.
  3. Distracting the teacher or others is not an option.
  4. Profanity and derogatory language are not allowed at any time.
  5. Participate in everything and give your personal best EVERY DAY!


  1. Nonverbal or verbal warning
  2. Student relocated to a new seat
  3. Buddy Teacher, permanent change of seat, and/or loss of time.
  4. Office Referral with student conference and parent contact.
*Students earn "CHAMPS" points daily as a part of their participation grade. Each consequence above will result in a loss of "CHAMPS" points.

About Me!

Classroom Goals

  • Strive for acceptance of other people's ideas and opinions
  • Discuss different perspectives of events in history
  • Provide conclusions with evidence, both verbally and in written context
  • Analyze and comprehend primary source documents
  • Make personal connections to the content